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The Boy from the Core

By Lacey How All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Scifi


The world as we know it has fallen to the hands of human destruction, only to rise again as four different kingdoms. Its 1024 years after our world fell and human cruelty has not ended. The surface kingdom has taken over the Core Kingdom and has enslaved the inhabitants, it has been this way for over 100 years. Oliver is a boy from the Core he has lived there since the day he was born, and though he would until the day he died. One factory mishap has his life spiraling into fractals of unbelievable horror and hope. He meets some amazing people along the way, along with a few terrifying ones. He goes through love and lose, insanity, and shame. Join him as he joins a 100 year war that just seemed to start. He will be the start of a big movement to regain the Core from the Surface kingdom.


It’s the year 1024 after great wars that began in those beautiful days of 2016, that destroyed the great nations and followed were the other nations. Those fires marked the day that the human race decided to start anew and restart the count of time. Since then Earth was separated into four different societies, kingdoms you could call them. Their names are the water, cloud, surface, and core kingdoms. Non were more perfect over any others but they have their beauties. The water kingdom being the most elegant and fair, never truly gets involved with any type of arguments between the kingdoms, even if it has to do with going to war. The cloud kingdom being the most logical and rational of the four, always has something new to send out into the world. The Surface the most greedy and selfish of the kingdoms, always takes advantage of the kingdoms and strikes whenever another kingdom is having trouble. It always tries to get the most out a horrible situation and never lets anyone else have the last word. Last and certainly not the least, the Core kingdom the once magnificent kingdom under the surface, now lay in sadness and destruction. The Surface took control over the Core kingdom, built factories everywhere, and took everyone and made them slaves. Some people of the Core kingdom have never seen the light of day in their entire lives. The ruler of each of these four kingdoms are the sibling children of the Great One, who stopped the war that ravaged earth. The Great One some say has lived forever due to finding the answer to immortality, others believe he only survives through his children, the rulers of the four thrones. The siblings found immortality in their own ways, and now rule their lands under a guarded thumb waiting for an attack from the Surface. The eldest of the siblings, a son named Abigor, took the Surface as his prize after the Great One disappeared and became corrupt as he craved more and more power, and control until he took the Core. The Core was ruled by the second youngest, a daughter named Anilea, who was kind and beautiful. Yet has long since disappeared after the hostile takeover. Some of her people still have hope in their hearts that their leader will someday return and save them from the horrible cruelty. The water nation ruled by the second oldest, a son named Maddox, makes no claims to fight nor surrender to the Surfaces threats of attack, but it gracefully sits in the middle of the ocean waiting for it’s moment to help in any way it can. The Cloud kingdom ruled by the youngest, a son named Kodiak, has every intention to gain control of the Core and to find his missing older sister and return her to her kingdom. This in the lack of better terms would not be the end of the kingdoms, but the beginning.

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