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The Shadow of the Twins

By Jack C. Regan All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Thriller


The hunted turned hunter, Jack Regan has spent the years since 9/11 killing terrorists on behalf of the State that adopted him. Now he is free to hunt those who tortured and killed his sister. With each murderous step of revenge he must escape the wrath of the British and American governments but, fighting the darkness of his mind, he must also escape his most dangerous nemesis, the one intent on killing him. He must escape from himself.

Hear Who I Am by J.C Regan

Hear who I am.

I do not beg nor cry for your morning light

Daybreak can keep its natural calls

I prefer the scream of man as I strike in darkness

And blood bellows its silent fear

I do not beg nor cry for your hope

Fervour springs lighter in darkened hate of cloudy skies

I prefer the feel of death on my blood-wet hands

Drier than my soul can ever be

I do not beg nor cry for your joy

None such sentiment lives now in your blood

I prefer salted tears on weathered cheeks

Proclaiming fear has danced nearby

I do not beg nor cry for your honour

It flowed freely with your blood and sacrifice

I prefer your soul for I am Death

And I beg nor cry for no man.

Jack C. Regan, Somalia 2004

Poem scrawled on the wall of his cell before his escape.

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