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I was never given a name until now. Not when I still lived with my parents, if you can call what we did "living", and Not when I was taken by the vampires at the age of six. They called me a slave. But I was a prisoner in a war I had no knowledge of. I had no idea how bad the world had gotten, why my parents had been on the run when they abandoned me, or why I was a "precious" prisoner chained for years 'til I reached adulthood, until one night the nightmares from the dark came for my Master to burn down his lair, and they stumbled upon me chained up in my shed. My life was going to turn around, but would it be for the better? Change one Evil for another? Was there ever a chance of Freedom? I was given the name Hope. But was it for me to have Hope? Or was it to save the pack that had taken me, from extincion, to give them Hope? Apparently there were a shortage of the female species in the supernatural community, and there were a need for breeders. I wish I knew then what I know now, because I would have ran away at the first opportunity I got, or died trying. You can't trust anyone in this world. * * * * * This is a dark story, that may have triggers for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1 - Rescue

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? Hello little one.."

The day that man "rescued" me from the street when I was 6 years old, it was when my hell started. He promised me food and a roof over my head, which in some way is what I got. But had I known that the man was truly a monster, I would have ran away as soon as I got his scent. The stench of death.

I was once a lost fox shifter kit, who got abandoned by her parents while on the run. I guess it was easier for them to run without me slowing them down.

I lived a year on the street before my Master found me and took me in. He was so fascinated by what I was, almost like he had found a gold mine.

In the beginning, I felt like I was precious and special. But it didn't last long before I was beaten and chained up in the house.

I was "trained" to do chores around the house, and as I got older and my master got a new mistress, I was moved out of the house and into the shed. I was chained to the wall of the shed and didn't have a lot of room to move around, but I was glad to be out of the house, away from that awful man.

His wife hated me, not once pitied me or tried to make my life easier. It got worse. She often ordered the maids to not feed me if she had a bad day, she would kick or whip me for no reason. Some days it was enough for her just to lay her eyes on me, and that was enough to put her in a bad mood. I never knew why she hated me so.

When my Master got angry, he would become violent, and he had a lot of power in his tall slender body, he wasn't human, but a vampire.

One night, I woke up to a lot of noise outside of the mansion. I heard growling and what sounded like fighting.

My body was screaming for me to hide, but my choices were limited thanks to my chain. There were no places to hide in my shed, so I tried to make myself as small as I could in the corner when I heard footsteps getting closer. And that is when I smelled them;


I started to panic! I could feel my heartbeat speeding up, and I'm sure the wolves could hear it, as well as smell the stench of my fear in the air.

Wolves had been hunting my family for years, so I was taught early on to fear them. The vampires weren't too fond of them either, with good reason. Wolves were known for acting on their instinct. They were strong and powerful. Ruthless. They could easily rip a fox in half, if they wanted to.

As the footsteps got closer, I bent down in a submissive position to hide my eyes as close to the ground as possible. Eyecontact could be taken as a challenge, and there is no way I would ever challenge a wolf.

The door to the shed was broken down into pieces as I heard pieces of the door shatter throughout the shed, and some pieces even hit my body, but I wouldn't move, all I could do was tremble in fear.

I knew better than to run from a predator as a wolf; besides, I was still chained to the wall. Where else could I go?

"What in the..."

I heard a husky voice mumble to himself.

A second set of footsteps came closer.

"What is it?" A gruff voice asked.

"There's a girl chained to the wall.."

I could hear him sniff the air, and some part of me felt embarrassed by what he might smell. I wasn't exactly clean. I can't even remember the last time I had a bath or a shower. I was lucky if I got hosed down every once in a while with the cold garden hose, when my stench became too much for them.

"Vampire?" The gruff one asked.

"No, something else. Not wolf, but close enough.. Maybe a hybrid?" The one with the husky voice answered unsure of himself.

"Should we kill it?" Gruffy asked in a low tone, probably thinking I couldn't hear him.

Even though death would set me free from years of torture and slavery, I couldn't help but tremble in fear of having it all end like this. My tears were running down my face as my thoughts ran wild. I had heard stories about how cruel Wolves could be. But were they worse than my vampire master? Where were my Master? Had they killed him? I hope so.

My thoughts had distracted me from hearing the husky guy walking into my shed, and I flinched as close to the corner as I could, scared of what he might do to me.

"Hey, it's all right. I'm not here to hurt you." He said in a surprisingly calm and gentle tone of voice.

I could hear his clothes ruffle as he most likely sat down next to me on the ground.

I couldn't stop the whimper that escaped me when I flinched yet again as his arm almost touched my bruised head. Hell, my whole body was bruised, bloody and beaten.

I could feel rusling in my chain, and I sneaked a peek to see that Gruffy was removing the chain from the wall, breaking the lock. My eyes widened in fear, thinking of what Master would do if I left the shed without his permission.

"Come on, we need to leave before more vamps show up. Let us just take her with us for now; she might know something useful."

Before Husky could answer, Gruffy had already pulled on the chain, making me fall flat on my stomach on the ground with a oomph.

"Get up!" Gruffy said in a demanding tone, and my body tried to get up and follow his demand, hoping to avoid punishment.

"Be careful with her!" Husky growled at him. "There is no need to be rough with her; she is not one of them!"

Gruffy huffed and pulled the chain yet again before he walked out of my shed with me, following a few steps behind with my head lowered. I could hear Husky follow behind me, which got my nerves going crazy. I felt trapped between two unknown predators.

We walked toward the mansion and into the parking lot. I could sense more wolves, and my body started to tremble yet again. I felt so small and helpless next to them. Were all wolves so big and tall?

"What do we have here?" A creepy voice said. I could hear the smirk in his voice. He sounded like a dangerous guy to be around. My inner fox was shaking in fear.

"A prisoner." Gruffy answered as he yanked my chain again, so I had to get even closer to him.

The creepy guy walked close to me, and I was too scared to move my feet. He raised his hand toward my face, and I flinched away, but he was quick to react and grabbed my face in a painful grip and raised my head up so he could look at me. I closed my eyes in fear of looking my new enemy in the eyes.

"She's a pretty little thing." He mumbled as I heard someone growl behind me. "Open your eyes, sweetheart." When I didn't do as he said right away, he added,"That's an order."

I opened my eyes and stared at his chest. I didn't dare to look at his face.

"Beautiful eyes.. and so obedient. Can I keep her?"

My eyes widened in fear as I heard him ask Gruffy that. But before Gruffy could answer, Husky did;


"Why not? It's not like the vampires own her anymore anyway.. They're all dead. Well, dead dead now, I suppose. She's clearly a slave, and I could use a pretty little pet like her around my cabin. I like the chain she has on as well.." He said as his fingers brushed my neck where my collar was.

"The alpha decides what will happen to her. If you wish to keep her for yourself, you will have to ask him." Gruffy answered.

My chain was suddenly yanked, and I stumbled away from Creepy guy toward Gruffy as he had started to walk toward a car. He opened the trunk, and I could feel his eyes on me for a few seconds before he commanded me yet again;

"Get in!"

I hurried into the small car trunk and curled myself into a ball in case they had more prisoners to join the already tiny space there was, but he slammed the trunk shut, and I was left alone in the dark.

I could hear muffled voices talking and arguing outside before someone got into the car and started it up.

It took several hours before the car finally stopped. I had been too scared to close my eyes and sleep, so I forced my body to stay awake.

The person driving the car had left the car now, but he or she never opened the trunk.

More hours passed, and I could feel my bladder threatening to explode. My stomach was growling angrily at me since I had already been starved for days. My body was screaming at me to stretch out, but the space was too small.

Was this my new hell? Was it a punishment to be placed here? Did they plan to kill me like this?

As my eyes almost drifted off to sleep after who knows how many hours I had spent in there, the trunk suddenly opened, and I was met with painful light in my eyes. I failed to remove my eyes from the intruder fast enough due to shock and, therefore, got a glimps of the man before I was able to avert my eyes to the trunk floor.

The guy looked distressed. He also had a slight stubble and looked to be in his late twenties. I wonder what had made him panic.

"I'm so so sorry! The bastard forgot you were in here. I rushed over here as soon as I realised... Are you okay?"

I gave him a little nod that I was okay.

I flinched when he reached for me, and he apologised, "Sorry.." He mumbled as he took a step back. "You can come out now."

I pulled my legs out from the ball that I had been for hours, and it pained me to move them. As I tried standing up, I quickly fell to the ground since I had lost most feeling in my legs at this point. I felt embarrassed, and I was scared of what the consequences would be. I tried to get back up with a whimper escaping me as I tried my best.

Big hands grabbed me and lifted me up, and I was suddenly being carried princess style. My body froze in fear.

"It's okay; you've been curled up in there for hours, freezing. I'll take you to the doctor."

He started walking, and it's first now that I was able to look around at my surroundings. We were outside a big log cabin, the size of a mansion. The area was beautiful. It looked to be early morning, and we were surrounded by forest, and a big lake was only a stone throw away. The feeling I got at the scenery gave me a sense of calm and freedom. If only I could freeze this one moment.

My moment was cut off too quickly as Husky walked us through the front door. The house was quiet, but I could sense lots of wolves in the area. Was this what they call a pack house?

We entered through a second door, and the smell was strange in this room.

A woman entered through another door, and I was surprised to see a female doctor. I quickly averted my eyes to the female wolf so as not to challenge her. It was not my place to do so.

He sat me down on a bench with paper on top, and I was unsure of why there was paper on it. I hadn't been to the doctor before, not even when I lived with my parents.

The doctor seemed to read my mind or, maybe, just my body language;

"The paper is there to protect the patient. I remove the used part every time a patient is finished. The smell of cleaning the bench after each visit will only hurt our nose." I only nodded in response.

"It's okay to look at me. I'm a doctor, and It will make my job easier if I get to check your eyes as well as the rest of your body."

My body froze, and I could feel the fear returning.

"You are safe here with me."

She sat down in an office chair and rolled over to me, so she was sitting in front of me, with me being the taller one up on the bench. What was she doing?? Is she setting me up for failure?

"My name is Doctor Sarah Carter, but you can call me Sarah if you want." She told me in a calm and friendly, warm voice. "Can you tell me your name?"

My eyes drifted to Husky as he stood against the wall next to the exit, with his arms crossed. I quickly moved them back to the doctor's lap, where she held a clip board and a pen.

"It's okay to look me in the eyes. You're free to talk and ask me whatever you want."

I carefully moved my eyes up to hers and held her eyes for a few seconds before looking back down again.

"You have beautiful eyes." She said with a smile. "What's your name?" She asked me again.

"I... I..." I stuttered. "D-don't.. have..." I choked on my words. This was so hard. "A n-name.." I was never allowed to talk, so I couldn't help the stuttering. I was still scared that I would get punished for speaking.

She looked shocked for a moment before her smile returned, but it seemed forced this time.

"How old were you when you got taken by the vampires?"

I don't know how she knew I had been taken, but I bet it was the most reasonable guess as to why I was there.


"You were six years old??" She wrote something down on her clip board. I guess it was a rethorical question since she didn't look up at my nodding head.

"Do you know how old you are now?"

"N-nineteen o-or twentie, m-maybe. T-twentieone? I-I'm n-not sure." I looked down in shame. I had tried my best to count the seasons since I had been taken.

I was born in the winter, so I knew that every winter, I would turn one year older. But still, it was hard to remember the years. Sometimes if felt like the torture seemed to never end, that time stood sti

"What species are you?" She carefully asked, and I know she could see me hesitate, but there were no reason to hide what I am. They were most likely going to kill me anyway after this.


The atmosphere in the room quickly changed, and I lifted my eyes to see both Sarah and Husky looking shocked and taken aback by the news.

"A fox? That's impossible.. Well, obviously not impossible, but.. wow.. I only knew of the existence of a handful of foxes. Your species are almost extinct. I'm sure the Board will be glad to hear there is a young female still alive." She gave me a big smile, and I was not sure if I understood what she had just said. Were the fox-shifters dying out? Why would they be glad that I was alive? Weren't they going to kill me after this?

Her arm reached up to my neck, and I flinched but stayed put. I didn't get the feeling that she wanted to harm me, but years of torture couldn't stop me from flinching whenever someone got close to me.

"We need to get this collar off you.."

She turned around and gave Husky a look, and he nodded.

He walked over to the drawers and pulled out some kind of tool.

"Ben, if you can cut it off without cutting her skin, that would be great."

Oh, so the husky guy is named Ben.. Good to know, I guess.

My body stiffened as he got behind me, and I trembled in fear of what he would do.

"Relax, we are just going to get rid of this collar and chain." Sarah said as she tried to steal my focus away from the husky guy named Ben.

It only took a few seconds before the collar and chain fell from my neck, and I felt so much lighter. Like a heavy burden was finally off my shoulders.

My hands reached for my neck to feel the sore skin that was left after the collar.

"I have to ask you some difficult questions, but I want you to answer honestly with either words or a shake or a nod."

I gave her a nod to ask away.

"Were you a slave there?" I nodded yes, and she wrote something down on her clip board again. "Did they abuse you? Use violence against you?" I nodded yes again. "Did someone ever rape you?"

I stumbled at the word since I had never been taught that word when I was little, and the vampires sure as hell never thought me anything useful.

"R-rape? I.. I d-don't know t-that w-word."

I could see her swallow nervously as Ben tightened his arms. Was he mad at me for not knowing that word?

"Did they ever force themselves at you? Touched your body here.." She points down, and my eyes widens in realisation, and I look away in shame as I nod yes.

She only nods in return and writes something down again.

"How often did you get to eat?"

"Uhm.." I'm not sure how to answer short without telling her about Mistress.

"How long ago since your last meal?"

She tries to change her question when she sees me struggling.

"A few days ago.. " I mumble out.. And before I get to say any more, Ben storms out the door and slams the door shut, making me flinch.

"I will need you to get undressed so I can check your injuries."

I could feel myself hesitate, and my eyes became watery at the thought of standing naked before these strangers. Well, her, since Ben had stormed out.

I looked down at my dirty smelly rag of what used to be a simple dress once upon a time..

"You will get to shower after and get new clothes."

My eyes popped up to hers in shock!

"I g-get to s-shower??"

She nodded and gave me a smile.

I stood up on shaking feet and took off my clothing, feeling the embarrassedment as I stood there naked and cold.

I could hear Sarah sucking in her breath as she took to her feet and walked around my body as she looked over all of my wounds and scars.

Supernatural beings are known to heal quickly, but my body suffered too much and had given up on trying to heal me completely. My body was covered in what my master called "Beautiful Markings."

"This looks... painful. I can't imagine what you must have gone through all these years."

The pity in her voice made my eyes water, and I couldn't even manage to look at her. I bet she had pity in her eyes as well. I always though it would feel good to have someone feel sorry for what I have been through, but now, all I feel is shame.

I could hear the door Open and close behind me, that Husk- Ben had come back. I could also smell food. Did he bring food? I didn't want to turn around while in my birthday suit. I couldn't hear him move, so I guess he stopped next to the door again.

"The shower is in the bathroom right there." She pointed at the second door in the room. "Do you know how to turn on a shower?" She carefully asked.

I wanted to say yes, because I know I have had a shower before when I was little. But how did I turn it on again?

I opened my mouth to answer, but closed it again and shaked my head no in embarrassedment.

"It's okay, I will show you how it's done and if you need any help with anything else, don't be afraid to ask me."

I followed her into the bathroom, and before the door could close behind me I heard Ben hit the wall in anger.

Sarah showed me how to turn on and off the shower. She explained what was what and gave me a towel to use after. I was happy to use a toilet again, after years of only using a bucket.

The feeling of stepping into the warm shower had me moaning in a pleasently embarresing way. This was the best feeling I had felt in years.

I used the soap for my hair and followed with scrubbing myself clean with the soap. I could see the dirt washing off my body, and it felt amazing not having my collar and chain connected to my neck anymore.

I didn't want to use up too much of their hot water, scared it would anger them. I turned off the shower and dried myself with the big fluffy towel Sarah had given me. It felt nice. I found myself wishing I could keep it.

Sarah must have heard me turn off the shower, because she entered the bathroom after a knock on the door.

"I brought you some clothes of mine that you can have. They might be too big for you, but we can get you more clothes later."

"M-more?? I d-don't deserve m-more. T-thank y-you." I thanked her as I bowed my head and took the clothes in my hands. It scared me what they might want in return for these nice gestures. A shower and clean clothes? What's next?

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