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The Curve in the Road is an exceptional view of past experiences and memories intertwining with current reality. The protagonist is rooted in regrets and longing for happiness that he just can’t seem to grasp at times. The author’s great detail paints a picture for the reader unlike anything I have yet to read.

As the author peels away the layers of his characters, the reader draws nearer to a deep connection to each one. The authors ability to switch from past to present is admirable as the story flows without questions.

The dialog draws the reader into believing that they are witnessing conversations. At times, when there is a chapter break, the reader will find they have been living this story and must turn the page. The plot takes twits and turns that are unexpected and result in excitement and a need to read on.

I would highly recommend The Curve in the Road, to any reader who loves a deep fall into a mystery that takes them on multiple journeys. It provides intrigue and suspense along its way to an unforeseen ending.

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