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I have read The Keys of Fire on ff.net last year and I've been following it until the end. The first thing I noticed was the way the author portrayed each character. Being a high school AU of a fantasy/adventure manga, converting each cast into an 'ordinary' person while maintaining their characterization is hard. And LS pulled it off by having a fluid character development for EACH character. This also made me understand the characters' mindset and inner thoughts so I'm able to understand the situations better. Also, the way the mental illnesses were handled per character was well-researched so kudos to you! It was realistic.

The story development was carefully planned. The arcs were paralleled to the canon series yet it isn't repetitive at all. It didn't exactly copy the original series and LS put her own flavor into her fanfiction.

The humor in the story is good! Making the BroCode is an interesting way of pulling the readers in. Also, the way the men respected the FT women is really wonderful. This promotes equality on both genders while acknowledging that women are not helpless damsels in distress. They they have their own strengths like men do.

The Keys of Fire is a well-written fanfiction and a story that you can't get enough of. (I read it at least five times and I never get tired of it.)

LoneStorm is a good story and character developer and with a little bit of editing, her writings are something to look forward to.

Good luck bestie!!!

- Richa

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