Hello, I’m pretty sure I’m younger than you think I am. Im working on multiple stories on my Wattpad (@SylviYang), but I’ll post my most important stories on here. Other than writing, I love to draw.

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Being new to this app, I really just wanted to find a story that made me interested enough. Being most interested in mystery, I just typed “Detective” into the search. Things led to another and I found this book. Reading the title and teaser, I assumed, “Oh, it’s going to be another one of those cringy romances in which the girl always has to follow the male’s lead around.” But no, I was pleasantly surprised at the first few paragraphs I read. It was... refreshing in a way. The two mains were already partners In Crime and the male seemed a bit quirky while the female a tad practical. It’s very unique and enjoyable, I hope this gets more recognition.

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