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A must read!!!

Where do I even begin?
I'll probably make a lot of errors as I'm typing this, but I'm literally bawling my eyes out.
You know, the ugly type of crying... Snotty nose and all...
I read about two books a week since I could read by myself.
Never, I mean never have I enjoyed a book like I enjoyed reading this one!
From the beginning you feel angry, then the roller-coaster starts, you laugh, you cry, you swear and hate more than you should, then you swoon, then you cry, then the anger feelings come back then you laugh again until the end, which destroys you in the best possible way you can imagine.
Well freaking done!
I am a writer myself, I don't normally like these types of stories, but someone recommended it to me and I do not, I repeat, I do not regret reading this!
Dou yourself a favor and read this!!!
To the author, Thank you for this great story. I would wholeheartedly spread the word about your work and I cannot wait to read more of your work! Xx

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