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Gripping Horror

The story has phenomenal suspense, build-up, and inner character monologuing. I love how human the main character feels. her thought, concerns, and fears feel genuine and that's really difficult to show. The first chapter did a brilliant job of building up the protagonist as flawed and once again human, which the second chapter doubled down on. I love the ending of the second chapter it's an eerie cliffhanger that really lends to the strength of the chapter. My only issue with the story, and it's hardly even worth bringing up, is that the story isn't exactly unique. The style and methodology of the story are amazing but the concept itself has been done. That being said, by the time I'm writing this only 2 chapters have been released, and I'm sure with such a promising start you'll fix that issue in no time. I can't wait to see how the story unfolds in the future.

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