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OH MAN. Where to start?

The Plot
Look, I wasn't really sure how the author going to spin this story into a happy ending for them both given the fact that this guy deserves and needs to go to jail so this ain't it. Rape and physical abuse especially of a particularly cruel kind is not a joke and not something a victim likely would forget or be so nonchalant about.

This story legit said "emotional trauma does not exist. Let the abused get with the her abuser, she will be fine." This is not okay. But it is your story so, go off. Just comes off as a bit rape apologetic. I don't mean to come of as an SJW but that's what this story brings to mind.

I'm just gonna say, this is somewhat reminiscent of a Wattpad story but not quite. Not bad but not good either. It is also rather problematic.

The "Hero"
Trash. Hot garbage. Abhorrent and beyond redemption. Nothing justifies how he treated Iris in the 1st book and no this is just an attempt to humanise and abuser which is all kinds of wrong.
He is disgusting.

The Heroine
At first I felt sorry for her. I legit thought she deserved better and that she didn't deserve the hand she was dealt. But after a while, the disillusionment wore off and I saw that despite her circumstances and her helplessness in the initial situation, her reactions and her actions did not make any sense. So you are telling me, that this girl who was abused and ultimately raped, is okay with seeing her former abuser and rapist almost everyday and is like "I'll just have to deal with it *shrug shrug*. What? Really? Let alone falling in love with him. Therapy? Do you exist? Do you work? I sure hope so because clearly sanity does not. (Literally for any character in this book)

Every Other Character
Just background noise. Very little substance.

The writing
Juvenile and marginally passable at best. You know when you can tell the age of a person by how they write? This feels like that. Maybe I'm just nitpicking but everything from the sentence structure to the punctuation and grammar feels rudimentary. The use of words that don't make sense in that context and unnecessary detailing don't necessarily make for an enjoyable read.

I have read a lot of books. All different genres.
In fact, I have read many a bully romance, at this point I should consider myself a connoisseur but this... This ain't it. Time does not a better man make of he does not attone for his wrong doings.

I am legitimately going to try to forget I ever read this and consider the experience a fever dream.

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