Theresa Handrahan

Eagle Pass, Texas

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Poetic and Smooth

Written in the poetic, small-town vein of Twilight, this is an interesting romantic tale of fantasy between Hannah, a happy young adult with undiscovered insight, and Ethan, her protector assigned by outside forces. The chapters are well written, each moving the story along with engaging, believable dialogue, interspersed with the inner thoughts of Hannah. Each chapter builds enough mystery to keep a curious reader turning pages to answer lingering questions, only to find answers that produce even more intrigue.

The only improvement I could humbly suggest is that these two lovebirds be a little less mature and clinical, because frequently they are almost businesslike in their interaction. It lacks the irrational attraction that is biologically ingrained in humans to draw us together in the sort of white hot flame that fuses us together so we can endure later tension and hardships as a solitary unit.

In general, though, we are definitely looking at a seller. Great writing

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