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Perfectly Powerpuff

This is a quick, cute interpretation of the Powerpuff Girls' origin, clearly drawing heavy inspiration from The Powerpuff Girls Movie. It's fast-paced and snappy, generally to its benefit, but it certainly relies on a working prior-knowledge of the characters and locations. While it does offer some creative divergences from the source material, I felt there were many missed opportunities to truly set itself apart. For one: this story seemed to want to be a little edgier than the original, but aside from some minor language, Cartoon Network wouldn't have batted an eyelash at showing this at the same time the original show was running, as the censors back then were astronomically more lenient than today. Another interesting point where it didn't quite diverge as much as it could have was with the girls' mother. It was certainly a unique approach to have the girls come into their powers after already having lived a life as "normal" kids, and thus introduce a sort of mysterious backstory as to their mother's absence, but the fact that they did have a mother didn't seem to drive the plot in any way that wasn't achieved through other means in the movie. Maybe if the mother died in some way that the girls felt responsible for--even if unreasonably--then there would be a stronger push for them to face Mojo and save others. Just a thought. Otherwise a very fun read, and I look forward to anything else that may come of it.

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