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I'm just a quirky gal with a love for reading, writing, and all things macabre. (Background image drawn by AcidicDoll on DeviantArt! )

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Loving this!

Romance stories aren't something I normally read, but I’m really enjoying this story! The writing style is simplistic and nice to read; enough details are given to convey the atmosphere and mood, but the writing never slips into unnecessary explanation. I really like the protagonists. They’re werewolves, yes, but they feel almost human. It’s hard not to sympathize with them. Being single, I can’t help but have a kindred spirit in Amelia and Westelyan, and their lingering fears about not having found a soulmate. Neither character feels overtly selfish or hedonistic. Their feelings and actions come from a very real and understandable place. The story has taken an interesting turn; I look forward to seeing where this goes! Note that there is an erotic scene, (there may be more later on), it is descriptive and quite steamy!

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