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Nice plot .. but story picked up pace a bit later in the novel.. the charachters are depited way too strong .. i mean werewolf plus angel qualities .. but overall story is grasping my attention .. i really like another story from you .. i rate u 7 out of 10 .. bcz there is always room to improvement..

I dont like too many qualities in one charachter it looks far fetched ... even not acceptable in a fantasy story for me.. i would like to recomeend it to all those readers who would like to see a romantic triangle .. i rated it this way because there is always room for improvement .. writer must need to fast pace his / her story .. but it is grasping .. and feast to my eyes .. it was the best way to kill my time ... awsum plot .. but a bit over balanced characters .. though i like dylan ... i would love to have a boyfreind like him... hats off

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