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Masks of Morality is a hit!

What a thrilling, meaningful, suspenseful, and relevant story!

You have the protagonist who is trying to save the world, one step at a time. Once upon a time, she worked for a greedy corporation. And while she misses the six-figure paycheck, she refuses to work for a greedy corrupt company. She has learned a great deal about the world, war, corruption, government, agendas, the environment and so on. Her eyes have been opened. She can't unsee what she now knows. She sees the world for what it is, and who manipulates it for profit.

While she is soul searching, wanting a well-paid job, without compromising her morals, her friend is going through turmoil.

Anna, having lost a child in a car accident, a while ago, is still in pain. This pain is only made worse when the case is reopened. But she has to decide if the driver of the car - who is also a child - deserves such drastic punishment. This story is heartbreaking but undeniably addictive. You won't be able to stop reading as this story unfolds.

There are many twists and turns in the various storylines. It's impossible to get bored. The characters are perfectly characterized, with individual quirks and passions. I enjoyed reading about these people and their lives, I felt submerged in their decisions as if they were my own.
Needless to say, the book itself is superb. I highly recommend a read.

The writing, as expected, is terrific. A fast pace - but not rushed - takes us on these many addictive journeys. The descriptions of scenery are beautiful, creating vivid images in our mind. And the depictions of emotions are so well explained, that we feel them also. We feel joy, then panic, then fright. We experience a rainbow of emotions through this fantastic novel.

All in all, it has the right ingredients. It keeps you glued to each and every word. There is suspense in buckets and plenty of entertaining and thought-provoking conversations. You can't help but admire the protagonist, as she is on a worthy mission and won't compromise her beliefs for anyone or anything.

An intelligent, exciting, page-turner, written with a purpose. You'll not just be entertained, but educated.

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