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"Faces on the Milk Carton"

First off, very unique! The title was really intriguing, and it along with that picture caught my attention right away.

I am not usually a horror story person, but I thought I'd check this out when I saw it was the most popular on the contest page. That being said, I honestly didn't feel terribly "horrified." The way you write your strange species actually makes them seem more as the good guys, and I wasn't particularly bothered by the way they fed etc. That makes me sound really terrible, I suppose. But if you were going for a more "creepy alien child killer" vibe, you didn't quite get there. If you were going more for, "humans are the real monster" vibe, you got that a little better. Overall, I wouldn't quite stick this in a horror genre. Maybe a little, but it just didn't do anything as far as scaring me or "horrifying" me etc. It was definitely intriguing and a good read. I have never read anything like this before. But I'd stick it in more of a sci-fi genre.

Good job writing in first person (alien?) for this! There were a few spots that I can't think of specifically that it felt a little stilted, but overall, it added to the mysteriousness of it.

There was one spot where you used the word "oft" and I was wondering if that was on purpose, or did you mean to say "often", or do you think that often would flow better than oft? If these aliens have been here for so long, then I suppose they may use that older style of talking. But you didn't consistently use that style in the rest of the story.

Great short story thought! I am being rather nit-picky here I suppose...I look forward to seeing what else you may come up with in the future!

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