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Eric and Scarlett are truly made for each other. This book is so good, I’m going to read it AGAIN!!!!! The plot and character development are fantastic, I look forward to reading BOTH POVs, and the way you weave in a faith based theme is so beautifully written —to where people know it’s a faith based book, but it’s not too much; or shoved down one’s throat. OR corny, like some Christian romances are, lol. I am so happy my friend (Maxie Sue) recommended this book, the age gap is PERFECT —as I’m a sucker for that trope— and I hope you write more romances like this. Eric is a great man of God, and Scarlett is so very beautiful —inside and out. I already picture the actors who would play the main characters, and I think Jon Bernthal would be a great Eric, and Danielle Campbell as Scarlett!! Anyway, hope you have a great day, Tawny. And again… this book is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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