4 Horror and Thriller Novels You Shouldn’t Miss

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4 new horror and thriller ebooks we love - Inkitt

A list with new picks for those of you who love horror, thriller and mystery.

4 novels which are becoming more and more popular on Inkitt and are still completely FREE to read. Grab your copy while there’s still time and get reading!

1. Rougarou: Blood in the Swamp, a Horror/Mystery novel by Ethan Young

Entangled in a deadly blood-soaked web of conspiracy, Jack Boudreaux must uncover ugly truths in order to survive evils darker than anything imaginable. Truth or lies, either way there will be blood in the swamp tonight.

2. The Rites of Lemuria, a Horror/Fantasy novel by Rosalind Mosis

In a twisted modern-day Roman Britain, the festival of Lemuria plays hosts to exorcisms and spiritual remembrance. But when young priestess Hattie stumbles upon the angered voices of restless spirits, she will find more than she could have ever expected. OR there is no rest for the dead in this twisted fantasy.When the dead rest not, shall the iving also perish.

3. Find The Lady, a Horror/Thriller novel by Travis McKinney

A bad week that just got worse. Crime, demons and more deceit. Find the Lady is the thriller that will have you crawling back for more.

4. Abnormal Cataclysm, a Thriller/Sci-Fi novel by Ben Douglas

The Great War ended. Skylar Cade hunts down a dangerous criminal of a war long gone. Soon he discovers that the man is not only a criminal and a murderer but also a dangerous Abnormal on the run.

That’s all from us but more suggestions are coming soon – keep an eye out!

Happy reading 🙂



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