5 Ways to Sneak More Books into Your Diet

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We want to write books because we love to read books. But it’s easy to get distracted, and then your to-read pile grows out of proportion, and you realize you aren’t actually… reading. Here are a few tips to re-balance your readerly diet with new ways to read (and new excuses to duck out of parties early).


Don’t dis them before you try them. Audiobooks transform dozens of everyday tasks into book time. Working out? Time to go on an epic quest. Driving to work? Time to solve a murder. Cleaning the house? Get your ship on with your favorite romance series.

Many authors have started narrating their own novels, so you can hear the story straight from the writer’s mouth – literally. Those with bigger budgets can hire A-list actors to lend their gorgeous voices. Famous actors who’ve recorded audiobooks include Stephen Fry, Tom Hiddleston, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, just to name a few.


First of all – yes – novellas are books. Not novels, but definitely books. They’re shorter, so you can read a wider range, find new authors to enjoy, and then binge one in a single sitting without losing an entire night’s sleep.

If you’ve ever looked at a big, fat novel and thought, “Oof,” instead of “Yay!” then you ought to give novellas a shot. They’re significant to deliver a good story without taking a week to finish. Even if you always celebrate a big, fat book, you should still give novella’s a try because they’re just good books!

Start a Small Reading Group

Accountability makes fabulous motivation. Starting a reading group with one or two close friends, your siblings, or your partner gives you something to discuss during awkward silences and a valid excuse to duck out of awkward gatherings. You can’t stay for your brother-in-law’s flat, burnt “pavlova” at the family dinner because you’re just so into this month’s group-read book and you’re behind, so you’ve really gotta scoot so you can talk about it tomorrow…

Don’t Take Your Phone to Bed

There are plenty of good reasons to leave your phone outside the bedroom – or at least across the bedroom: sleep hygiene, intimacy, mental health, etc. Really, though, this is all about books, and you all know you make the stack of books on your nightstand cry every time to you reach for that saucy little screen. It’s time to stop making promises you can’t keep to the books in your life and actually read the books composing your to-be-read pile. You owe it to yourself. More importantly, you owe it to them.

Give Yourself 15 Minutes

I’m often most interested in writing immediately after reading. A great story gets me fueled up and ready to spin my own words. If you feel the same, then 15 minutes with someone else’s story before working on your own is a great way to both read and write more books.

Can you do everything on this list? Maybe. Maybe not. Just trying one will get your hands on a book, and that’s the critical first step. Once you remember your book addiction, it’s easy to keep reading. Do you use tricks to get more books in your diet? Share your tips!

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