7 Romance Novels to Discover This Week – Holiday Edition

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Merry Christmas everyone! As we’re counting down the days to NYE and before we say goodbye to 2016, we wanted to share with you our last list with fresh new picks for this year.

And since the holidays are a perfect excuse to get as romantic as can be, we’re bringing you 10 new romance novels we feel are perfect to get you in the right mood.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows (or a glass of mulled wine, completely up to you!), sit by the fire and lose yourself in these stories:

1. Cracked Open: Book 3 by Madison DiMercurio

Kaia, a nymph of the earth, loves nothing more than her garden and her sisters. Yet the tender kiss of skin on skin longs to be satisfied and Kaia searches for love but this is a fantasy in which she cannot indulge as family members begin to fall ill, leaving Kaia ever more lost. Yet on the border of Paxton lives Ciro, the tree spirit with a family history of his own. As events transpire and the pulls of love entwine the stories of these two unsuspecting creatures time begins to run out as the past threatens to become the future. Can togetherness prevail or will there be no promised forever after all?

2. Come What May by Adbkcjdm2

An unlikely encounter in a coffee shop never really seemed like anything of much merit to Kurt Hummel, but New York has its ways and the chance of circumstance can never be taken too lightly. Moving to the Big Apple with his boyfriend of two years was never going to be an easy task, but across the bustling intersections and smokey side streets where dreams are either made or broken not all is as it seems and the littlest things are always those that surprise you the most.

3. Asha Swanwick: The Grimoire Maiden by Kristy Flowers 

Can Merlin resist the seduction of Asha the nymph? Giving in would mean to give up his life – unless he can strike her heart first.

4. Dancing With Another Woman by Dawn Marie Kelley

The 1900’s South was never a warm place for black females, less so for those not heterosexually inclined. As she begins to experience new fantasies and develop a taste for what she truly longs for, a black girl’s plight is only augmented. A forbidden love between her and a white woman will grow to define their very existence and as complications arise the only thing that remains constant and strong is love.

5. The Cord by Sre Dhanea

Hunted by the nightmares of a past that never ceases and never forgets, Captain Aazad finds his sanity waning and his mind consumed by darkness. Apparitions of HIM, his face from over two decades ago, doubts, emotions and mistrust all cloud Aazad’s mind and the ongoing war does not fail to prove ever more turbulent.

6. Ambloome Princess of Giants by agrader

When an unsuspecting group of viking boys are sent into an otherworldly dimension rampant with giantesses of wondrous capacity they will encounter more than just the creatures of myth on their adventure. Romance, lust and passion are all to follow in this epic fantasy romance adventure.

7. Man of The Match by noelcades

Dissatisfied with the apparent luxuries that attach themselves to the life of relative fame, England cricket captain Matt Curran needs only to escape the watchful eye of an overly beautiful girlfriend and the gaze of the public. An overseas cricket tour may provide the release Matt needs but with it comes the inevitable worry of cheating girlfriends and dire consequences. Both vowing never to let another into their heart the pair will have to go through their own journeys of discovery when encountered with attractions they simply cannot resist. 

We hope you enjoy reading them, get in the most romantic mood and spread the love all around – it’s the perfect time of the year after all!

Warmest wishes from everyone here at Inkitt, see you again in 2017!

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