Ask Inkitt: Top Tips for a Great Interview

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Today’s Ask Inkitt Question: As part of promoting my new book I’m being interviewed, and I’m really nervous. Do you have any advice on how to interview well?

An interview can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking for sure, but with a little thought and preparation, you’ll shine! Some interviews will be in person, others will come as a series of written questions. Either way, there are things you can do to make sure this opportunity helps successfully promote you and your work. Here are my top tips for a great interview.

Be prepared for the interview.

As an author, there are a few typical questions you can expect during an interview. When did you start writing? Who inspires you? Where did you get the idea for this book? You already know the answer to these kinds of questions, so be prepared to answer them clearly and concisely.

Let your personality shine through.

Readers and fans don’t just want to know more about your story, they want to know more about you. It’s perfectly fine to allow some witty banter with the interviewer, or tell a funny or interesting story related to the question. Be authentic. However….

Don’t be crass, use questionable language, or too much sarcasm.

You want to gain followers, not alienate people. Your audience may be varied in age and life experience. During an interview, you want to appeal to as many readers, viewers, or listeners as possible.

Offer more, rather than less, for a written interview.

When I am interviewing someone through a series of written questions, I always appreciate having more material to work with than I need. I’m able to cut out sections if necessary, but I can’t add words on behalf of an author.

Make it interesting.

Written questions can sometimes feel generic, especially if the interviewer hasn’t read your book. This is a place where sticking only to the facts doesn’t really work. Offer readers and fans a glimpse into your real world, your writing habits (especially the quirky ones), and give them a sense of your personality.

Point people to your author platform.

Hopefully, you’ve captured the interest of some new readers. Make sure you point them to a place where they can purchase your book and learn more about you. Here’s more on how to build an effective author platform: Author Brand and Platform: A Lifeline You Can’t Ignore.

An interview is about more than showcasing your book. It’s about promoting yourself as storyteller and as a unique individual, so use the opportunity and enjoy yourself!

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Tabitha Lord is the award-winning author of the HORIZON series. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, four kids, two spoiled cats, and lovable black lab.

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