Ask Inkitt: Why Should I Use the Inkitt Platform?

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Today’s Question: As a new writer, should I use the Inkitt platform?

Yes! The Inkitt platform is perfect for new writers and here are a few reasons why…

You’ll build a reader base.

As soon as you’ve uploaded your story to the Inkitt platform, readers will be able to access it. With over two million active users engaged on the site, you’ll start building followers right away.

You can get feedback on your story.

As a new writer, you’ll need feedback on your story. You can interact with readers and see how they’re responding to your work.  

You’ll receive up-to-date analytics on your story’s performance.

Inkitt’s algorithm measures over 1200 reader behaviors, and we provide every author with the most pertinent, up to date analytics so they can track the success of their story.

Your story could be published.

As soon as you create your Inkitt account and upload your book, you’ve started the process of getting selected for an Inkitt publishing deal! We’ll analyze reader patterns and engagement on your book to determine if it has bestseller potential. If it does, our publishing team will reach out to you about getting signed. Here’s more on our publishing process: Get Published with Inkitt.

You retain your rights.

Unless you sign a publishing contract with Inkitt, you will retain all rights to your story. You’re free to pursue other publishing contracts or simply post your stories here for fun.

The Inkitt platform is free to use.

Anyone around the world can create an account and instantly submit their novels for free.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your journey as a writer now!

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Tabitha Lord is the award-winning author of the HORIZON series. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, four kids, two spoiled cats, and lovable black lab.

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