Beginnings and Endings: Turn the Page

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This post is bittersweet for me, as it’s the last post I’ll be writing for Inkitt Writer’s blog. However, that also means this topic of beginnings and endings is perfectly apropos. As I reflect on the year I spent uploading what I hope was fun and informative content about the writing biz, I can’t help but notice how much my own skills have grown. I went from someone who dabbled in storytelling, to a virtual expert in the marketing, publishing, and editing fields. That isn’t to say I don’t still have a long way to go, but celebrating progress is important. Follow my lead and end this year reflecting on all that you’ve done and continue to do – because you’re amazing.


I started out as a girl with a silly crush on a guy I met in band camp. Little did I know, that would spin out into a full-blown published novel and writing career. I had no idea I would join an author association, be voted onto the board of that association, and be recruited for the Inkitt Writer’s Blog. Life is wild, and there’s no real way to anticipate where random beginnings are going to go. Best advice I can offer you is to hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Once you start, it’s much easier to continue. That first step is the hardest – but after that, it does get easier (both life and writing). Even if it’s just one word, don’t hesitate to put pen to paper or keystrokes to laptop. You can’t edit a page that doesn’t exist – and rough drafts are there for a reason. When you take the pressure off, magic happens. Trust me. Just write and worry about perfection later. Or better yet, hire an editor to do that for you.


It wasn’t always easy coming up with article outlines. Every article I wrote was carefully organized to make sense, convey the message, and at least mildly entertain. Whether it was an introduction into niche genres like steampunk, or my best romance tips (despite having little to no real-life experience myself), every article meant something to me. Every blog post, every word, was a piece of my journey, and it was so fulfilling to get to share those humble beginnings with you.

Sometimes it’s hard to take that leap and put yourself out there, but it’s always worth it. Even if you feel like your writing “isn’t good enough”, I can guarantee it will resonate with someone. For all you know, it could be their next favorite book. You wouldn’t dare deprive them of that, would you? At the very least, my hope is that Inkitt inspired you to chase those dreams and write the story that’s been haunting you. Never be afraid to be different – if you’re still looking for your writer tribe, read this article all about finding your people. It makes a world of difference.


I’m only twenty-four years old, but the art of writing has changed my life in countless ways. Now, I have this amazing community that supports me in my creative pursuits – and yes, that includes you, the amazing readers. Thank you for being here and supporting this platform. And you never know – maybe the next young kid with a stupid crush and big dreams will find their voice here too. I know I did, and I am so grateful for Inkitt and the resources it offers creatives. Being still so young myself, I am humbled by the blessings that showed up in my life and can’t wait to see what happens next. And as time passes, I hope to help other creatives the way others have helped me. The circularity of it waxes poetic, doesn’t it?

Starting in January, things are gonna look a little different around here. But stay tuned, because I heard about some amazing things that are going to inspire you. While my time at the Inkitt Writer’s Blog is coming to an end, rest assured that this community isn’t going anywhere! Happy writing, and best wishes for a productive and fulfilling new year.

And remember: There are always good things on the way when you’re brave enough to turn the page.

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