Create a Daily Writing Habit in 3 Steps

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One of the things I have had difficulty with in my own writing life is a lack of commitment to doing it every day. I have set the goal many times, and for one reason or another, found myself slipping pretty quickly back into lame excuses of how and why I didn’t have the time. It is extremely important to the success of a writer, and how we evolve in our craft, to make a habit of writing every day.

Daily writing habits are essential to help clear our minds and begin generating a current of ideas that, with consistency, will only get stronger over time. No one says that forming a daily writing routine will be easy! Writing is truly a discipline. Here are three strategies I have used to create a daily writing habit:

  1. Find a place. The space we claim in order to escape from reality and find inspiration can be anywhere. It can be the couch, your dining room table, a small desk set off in an office, even a coffee shop. The important thing is that it is a place where you can focus and allow your thoughts to wander creatively.
  2. Pick a time. Are you a morning person or a night owl? I think being honest with yourself is critical. Ask yourself these questions when determining the time of day that you plan to write: When do you feel the most inspired? Is it in the morning, midday, or in deep dark cover of night? I found for me, it has always been midday. I am always rushing to get here and there in the mornings and I don’t like waking up early. By the time night rolls around, I’m thinking about relaxing in my bed. Find the time that fits you best and be consistent. Show up, sit down, and get busy.
  3. Set a goal. Maintaining consistency coincides with how realistic we’ve set our goals. When we create unrealistic goals, they become unattainable and the task feels arduous. Nothing will kill motivation faster than setting the goal too high only to realize you cannot reach it. Set word limits that realistically reflect how much you are able to accomplish in a day. Typically, anywhere from 300 to 1000 words a day is enough to form a solid writing habit. The word limit is doable, and when you reach that 300, 700, or 1000 word count you’ve set for the day, it will add even more fuel to your motivation.

Make a point to stick to your guns and write every day. On the days you don’t want to, write anyway. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you miss your goal, but be sure to get right back to it the next day. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the creative buzz!

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