Energize Your Springtime Writing

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Happy Springtime! I know it’s different for everyone, but this past winter seemed to race by for me. Even though winter seems like it would be a great time to get writing done, the cozy nights and short daylight hours actually make it harder for many writers to accomplish their goals. Personally, my most productive writing season tends to be from April until September (funny how that coincides with the warmer months). So when winter ends, it usually signals a time for me to crawl out of writing hibernation and get going! Here are some things that help:

More Activity = Scheduled Writing

Ever notice how sometimes the busier you are, the more efficient you become? With springtime comes a bustle of outdoor activities, sporting events, and planned spring break vacations. All this activity means less time for writing—but not if you take the time to plan some time for writing. This may mean refocusing your efforts away from things you took more time to do in the winter, though.

For example, I always tend to be more active on social media platforms in the fall and winter. Once springtime hits and my schedule becomes tighter, some of the time that I’ve been spending on social media is forced to become writing time. (As we speak, I’m actually on a social media “break” for a week so I can finish a first draft of a novella.) Though social media is an important part of building an author platform and I still need to make time for it, getting the actual writing done right now is more important.

Creative Writing Techniques While Outside

Because so many of us spend so much more time outside once spring hits, finding moments to sit down in front of a laptop may feel more limited. After all, laptops don’t do so well in the bright sunlight or it may not be possible to sit to write at all if you’re out and about. Something that can be useful, though, is to adapt the manner in which you write.

Remember that novella I mentioned I’m working on? Well, it’s been a gorgeous last few days and my kids have wanted to be outside playing. So I’ve adapted. While I follow them around, I’ve dictated and typed chapters into text files on my cellphone. I’ve taken legal pads and pens outside to work through plot points and structure. It may be a few pages here and there, but it adds up. I managed to dictate almost a thousand words while pushing my kids on swings. And I worked out my character arc while supervising kids in sandboxes. Be creative!

Time To Listen

Ever go to a writing conference and come home really pumped up to start writing? Or have you ever read a book and felt it tip your scales creatively? Studying craft and reading are hugely important to your writing process—so don’t neglect them. As it turns out, I find the warmer months to be fantastic times to read and study craft. Why? Audio.

Audiobooks have been a booming market for years and it’s no wonder why—listening to a book is a fantastic way to pass time doing things like driving or spring cleaning. Likewise, there are so many wonderful craft webinars and podcasts available to listen to in order to stay plugged in on craft and what’s going on in the writing world.

So as you find yourself jumping into new routines this spring, there’s no reason to fear that writing will get lost in the shuffle. If anything, take all that springtime energy and put it into your writing life. You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish if you do.

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