How to Find a Beta-Reader to Critique Your Novel

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If you’re reading this article you’ve most likely finished a novel! Congrats, you’ve made it so far already. But what comes next?

Getting feedback, right?

Your mom said your novel is great, your best friends fixed your grammar, you even emailed it to your uncle in Zurich, but you’re still not sure that it’s completely ready to be shown off to the world.

If you’re stuck in this spot then the best solution might be to find a critique group or some beta-readers to go over your novel. That second, third, or even fourth pair of eyes can be helpful to catch typos, plotholes, and 2D characters that might prevent readers from getting totally hooked on your work.

But hold it one second; you’re getting all this feedback because you think it will increase your chances to get accepted by literary agents, right? Remember – all these thoughts that you’ve gathered have come from readers. They’re the ones that read your work, got in touch with you, became fans, and fell in love with your story so shouldn’t it also be them that decides whether or not your novel should be published?

That’s exactly why we built Inkitt.

At Inkitt there is a whole community of readers and writers eager to look over your novel and provide feedback, reviews, and top-notch editing to help you polish your work to perfection.

Sound like what you’re after? Submit your novel to one of our writing contests and get discovered!

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