Five Original Gifts for the Writer in Your Life

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You want to salute the creativity of your favorite writer, but you know, they know, and we know that there is a towering stack of pretty notebooks sitting in their closet they haven’t had a chance to fill. That’s because everyone gives writers notebooks and journals. Everyone. So, here are five great things to give a writer that isn’t another notebook.

A Better Bag

Whether it’s a laptop case with an extra pocket for a book or a long, deep purse with enough room for both a novel and a notebook, every writer appreciates a good bag. That’s because we carry an awful lot. Even if we don’t plan to do any writing, inspiration may strike at any time, and we always want to take notes on interesting conversations, buildings, or ideas. Get a bag big enough for the writer to comfortably carry their tools, and they may just love you forever.

An Instant Camera

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a busy writer needs to snap inspiration on the go. Instant cameras – such as Polaroids – serve as a visual brainstorming, inspiration, and organization tool. Most modern cameras are small enough to fit in that awesome bag we just described, and instant cameras provide results quickly and in a concise form. No one has to bother with printing or fight the temptation to turn a quick reference shot into a work of art through too much editing. Just snap, grab, and go.

Art Supplies

Just about every writer goes through a Tolkien phase. They try to illustrate everything, even if it’s just for their personal reference. Writers like to draw maps, create visual character guides, or sketch out bizarre creatures. Handy, basic art supplies in your artist’s preferred medium (we’re betting it’s sketching materials) help them relieve stress, build up their world, and connect the right road to the right empire.

Book Club Memberships

You can get just about anything in a monthly subscription box these days – including books! Several different organizations offer book of the month clubs that mail out a new book every month. Many also feature online discussion groups, which most writers will love. After all, reading is the foundation of writing. It’s also a social activity, something many of us fail to pursue often enough.

Time Away

If you can afford it, kidnap your writer. Not literally, of course, but spiritually (and maybe a little literally). Take them away from the daily grind. This may mean getting an AirB&B in a different part of town for a couple nights, renting a cabin in a state park, or escaping to another country. Any and all of these scenarios provide your writer with a fresh view, quiet, and a chance to sit down and write. Make sure whatever place you book has a desk. So long as you keep your writer fed and watered during their writing escape, they’ll be much happier when it comes time to rejoin regular society.

Which of these would you or your favorite writer enjoy most? Are you a practical giver or a romantic? Whatever you decide to give, we hope you and your loved ones have a great holiday season, full of inspiration and a substantial word count.

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