Flash Fiction Challenge: 1

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It is a New Year and that means that it is time for new writing!
To get your creative juices flowing we posted a flash fiction writing challenge on our Facebook. We asked for users to create a 50 word short story based on this image:

In no particular order, here are our favourite 3 responses. Each author gave a unique perspective on the image, and each approached with their own special flair. It was refreshing to read how each of your narrative voices approached the ladder!

The old monk smiled a toothless gap and nodded, “Hmm, yes, many men have come this way searching for Shangrilah, or hope, or a paradise they think is at the end of their footsteps.”

“Is the ladder safe?”
“Safe, unsafe…no difference.”
“So not safe?”
“I’m saying it is irrelevant.”

– Jeanette Van Boeyen

“Malady paused to catch her breath. As it eased, she looked ahead and gasped. Straining to see through the mist, her eyes widened as she saw the winding track, hanging in the air and climbing into the clouds. “Frack that,” she cursed. Turning on her heal, she headed back home.”

– Joseph Hagan

Is this some kind of joke?

Behind me, the elven Forest Trails of Dreams and the dwarven Halls of Glory.
And now this, the Bridge of Wonder.
I have come this far only to put my faith in gnome engineering.
My destiny. It lies ahead.
Whomever you are, stop laughing.

David Wismer
Stay tuned on our Facebook and Twitter to get even more writing challenges and prompts. Bring on a successful 2016, and get writing!

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