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The goal of every writer is to get their novel picked up by one of the big five publishing houses. They they are set, right? Just them, J.K. Rowling, and Stephen King sitting on a yacht, sipping tea.

As much as we wish this was possible, it simply isn’t the case.

While it’s true that already published authors don’t have to worry about writing query letters or trying to get agents to pick their manuscript out of the middle of the slush pile, there is still plenty for them to be concerned about. Mainly: producing their next manuscript.

The expectation to produce a second, third, or fourth novel that is as equally attractive to agents and publishers as the first can be even more stressful then trying to get work noticed in the first place. If future novels aren’t as good as the initial work, authors can be dropped. To avoid this, published authors have to make sure that their next book is edited to perfection. This requires a large amount of self-discipline, focus, and the ability to be critical of your own work.

Scary right?

It doesn’t have to be.

Inkitt happily support authors through all points of their careers. From getting your first novel published through to celebrating with you on the red carpet when the film based on the last book in your series is released.

No matter what your looking for, be it writing, editing, inspiration, or a friend, Inkitt is there to help!

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