GALATEA Editors’ Picks: August 2023

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Handpicked Titles from the GALATEA Library!

The Alphas of South Forest by Laila Callaway

The Alphas of South Forest: Leilani Kokoa is caught in an explosion that leaves her temporarily blind for a week—a week, coincidentally, when two handsome Alpha twins are visiting. How are you supposed to find your soulmate when you can’t see them? They find you, of course. You won’t want to miss this tale of two fated mates by Laila Callaway!
A Potential Suitor: British twenty-nine-year-old Amelia is looking for the perfect guy in New York—someone nice, down-to-earth, funny. Definitely no arrogant, suit-wearing, business types! Until she meets a handsome, powerful lawyer she can’t say no to… Check out this fun workplace romance by Natalie K!

A Potential Suitor by Natalie K

The Firefighter by L. B. Neptunia

The Firefighter: Leila thought her life was over when the fire ripped through her house, destroying almost everything she held dear. Lying in the hospital after nearly dying, she has no one to trust with her most precious thing… well, almost no one. Enter incredibly hot (no pun intended) fireman Ben to the rescue for the second time! Sure, he’s unbelievably handsome and loving, but will he stick around when the source of the fire is revealed? And, more importantly, will Leila manage to survive? Author L.B. Neptuina has a smash hit with this one!
Him & I: Out of her six siblings, Sienna-Rose Watson has it the worst. She’s always getting in trouble with her controlling mother and abusive father. So, she’s working two jobs, trying to earn enough to escape her toxic home. Damien Black is a mafia king and a ruthless monster. When he sees Sienna-Rose, he knows he has to have her. She looks like an angel, and he might just be the actual devil… But could it somehow be a match made in Heaven? If you like 365 Days, then you’ll want to check this story out from author Marie Rose!

Him & I by Marie Rose

The Invitation by Teddy

The Invitation: Who says you can only have one perfect match in the world? An invitation to a famous Bane party sets Willow on a path that will change everything. Brothers Sebastian and Damon couldn’t be more different, but their lust for Willow is the same. With one brother, everything seems so simple, while with the other, it’s anything but. Must Willow choose one, or can the two men find a way to share? Check out this vampy love triangle from author Teddy!
Collide: Katelynn wants nothing more than to meet her mate. As the daughter of an alpha, her expectations are high, so she’s not surprised when he turns out to be Prince Roman, who’s in line to be Alpha King. What does surprise her, though, is what an entitled dick he is! Unfortunately for Roman, Katelynn isn’t a pushover. She’ll never obey him, which is something he’ll have to learn very quickly! From Denicea Christina comes this magical tale of fated mates!

Collide by Denicea Christina

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