GALATEA Editors’ Picks: July 2023

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Handpicked Titles from the GALATEA Library!

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Fat Keily by Manjari

Fat Keily: Keily was always chubby, but she never let it define her. That is, not until she started school at Jenkins High and met her new enemy: James Haynes. The football Adonis never misses a chance to make fun of her weight. But little does Keily know, James is hiding a huge secret under all his bullying… A secret he’s scared to admit, even to himself. Check out this enemies-to-lovers title from author Manjari!
Alpha’s Servant: Skylar is a slave to the dreaded Alpha Ares, a killing machine with no remorse. Until Sklyer walks into his chamber to feed him dinner, that is. From that moment on he can’t forget her scent, and everything starts to change. For both of them… You won’t want to miss this heated paranormal romance from Danielle Jaggan!
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Alpha’s Servant by Danielle Jaggan

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The Russian’s Defiant Wolf by S L Parker

The Russian’s Defiant WolfAt age six, Anna moved in with her grandfather after Hunters killed her parents. Now, twenty years later, their murderers have been caught and executed. It’s finally time for Anna to move on with her life. At twenty-six, she still hasn’t met her mate and doesn’t feel hopeful. But then the Oborot Pack comes to visit for Christmas, and both Alpha Viktor and Beta Erik claim Anna is their mate! Anna’s got an important decision to make—but how can she choose between the two hunky Russian wolves? Author S L Parker will keep you on your toes in this love triangle!
Mafia Puppet: Francesca Lasta knows a thing or two about keeping secrets. As the eldest daughter of a prominent mafia family, Francesca is promised to the Don from a young age. Rumored to be vicious, unpredictable and downright gorgeous, Antonio Giordano is looking for the perfect submissive wife to be the Donna the family needs. Despite her initial fears, Francesca will discover there’s more to the mafia boss then she first assumed … and that some secrets are best left untold. From author Jessica M comes an arranged marriage mafia book that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!
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Mafia Puppet by Jessica M

Cover for Fighting Fate by Mackenzie Madden

Fighting Fate by Mackenzie Madden

Fighting Fate: Nineteen-year-old Anna has been an outcast her entire life, and neither her parents nor her pack want anything to do with her. When she is transferred to the Silver River Pack, she’s finally welcomed with open arms. But why can’t she shift into her wolf form? And why is the enigmatic Alpha Zach so interested in her? Check out this fated mates meets enemies-to-lovers from Mackenzie Madden!
Caught Up in Between: Everybody knows Logan Jones, the heartthrob star of the university football team. Every man wants to be him, and every sorority girl wants to sleep with him. Except for Rebecca, a new student who couldn’t care less about his godlike physique, adorable dimples, or dominant personality. She swore off football players altogether after her unspeakable ex. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and no sooner does Rebecca lock eyes with Logan than they’re both hopelessly ensnared in each other’s bodies. But there’s a problem: Logan’s equally sexy friend Drew. With both her heart and sex caught up in between these two football rivals, things are about to get very complicated…and steamy. From Anastasija White comes this steamy friends-to-lovers romance!
Cover of Caught Up in Between by Anastajia White

Caught Up in Between by Anastajia White

Cover of Survival of the Rose by Audra Symphony

Survival of the Rose by Audra Symphony

Survival of the Rose: After the death of her father, the king, Deanna finds herself in a dangerous situation. She is a bastard princess, and her stepmother, Queen Rosaline, and her stepbrother, Prince Lamont, will stop at nothing to see that she is removed from the court. Alone and without anyone to protect her, Deanna begins to fear for her life. But when suitors begin arriving to court Queen Rosaline, Deanna meets a handsome stranger from a faraway land who may offer the salvation she seeks… You won’t want to miss out on this swoon-worthy, medieval romance by Audra Symphony!

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