GALATEA Editors’ Picks: June 2023

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Handpicked Titles from the GALATEA Library!

Cover for Lawyer Up

“Lawyer Up” by Lacey Martez Byrd

Lawyer UpSebastian Scott is a powerhouse of a divorce attorney who’s used to getting everything he wants—in the courtroom and in the bedroom. But when a heartbroken Ada Miller walks into his office and wants nothing out of her divorce settlement, it strikes a chord with him. As they grow closer, it’s clear to Sebastian that he’s the only one who can mend her broken heart…but is she ready to let him in? A swoony, billionaire romance from author Lacey Martez Byrd!
The Night Operator: Maggie’s used to dealing with strangers as a call center worker, but she could never predict a client talking dirty to her over the phone…more than once…nor that she’d like it. Successful businessman Asher is determined to get the alluring woman on the other end of the line to play along, and he’ll stop at nothing to turn their naughty phone calls into reality. From author Constance Marounta comes a workplace romance with a twist!
Cover of The Night Operator

“The Night Operator” by Constance Marounta

Cover of Werewolf University

“Werewolf University” by Brittany Carter

Werewolf University: Savannah Haper is seriously pissed. Not only is her grandmother forcing her to attend a college she’s never even heard of, but she has to move to Podunk, Louisiana, and leave her boyfriend behind. She thought it couldn’t get much worse…until she arrives at the university and discovers the real reason she was sent there. Now she has to deal with werewolves, soulmates, and Alphas, not to mention all of the damn wars! This paranormal romance from Brittany Carter is sure to keep you on your toes!


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