Gifts that Wow for the Writer in Your Life

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Wondering what to get for that kooky creative person in your life? Well, look no further. This week, we’ve put together the best gifts. Instead of the typical stocks and bonds, get your local literature lover something that sparks new ideas. And as always, I recommend supporting small businesses whenever possible. Amazon may be convenient, but that doesn’t replace the happy little dance entrepreneurs do when you buy from them. So I always suggest shopping small whenever possible – unless you’re buying an e-reader or something, because those are really cool. 

Hide this list from your resident bookworm so the surprise isn’t spoiled. Here are five unique holiday gifts for the person who always has their nose in a book. I’d say they’re guaranteed to please, but I feel like that might require some fine print. So instead, I’ll just say these are very likely to do the trick.

Blinged-Out Writing Utensils

I don’t personally write my stories by hand, but I know some people do. So why not get them the very best tools? For gifting purposes, I would recommend something a bit fancier than your typical Swingline variety. Swarovski makes some really dope refillable gem-encrusted pens that make the user feel like royalty. I have two, and can confirm – it’s delightfully extra, and the sparkles make me happy. Definitely would recommend as gifts for basically anyone.

Wireless Typewriter

I’ve seen really cool ones that hook up to a tablet or computer – perfect for the bookworm writer who was born in the wrong generation. Bonus points for that satisfying ASMR-worthy click-clacking that will delight the writer while torturing everyone else. You can also opt for the portable keyboard variety, but that’s more functional than fun. Eh, to each their own. 

Spotify Premium Gifts

If your local bookworm is also a music lover like I am, Spotify Premium is a luxurious gift they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves but would still really enjoy. Unlimited music for writing sessions? A priceless gift. Seriously. Not all gift cards are created equal. When the gift card contributes to creativity in a way that helps your bookworm write their dream novel, that’s an automatic win! For more about curating the perfect playlist, read this recent article.

Fancy Chocolate / Tea

Writers usually indulge a bit, especially while writing. And this is a great opportunity to shop small! Go support a beloved local candy shop or café. This kind of a gift is fun because it’s the kind of thing they probably wouldn’t think of, but will really enjoy kicking back with. 

Comfort Items as Gifts

I know I said stocks and bonds were passé, but I never said anything about socks and blankets! You can go a little crazy with this one, but I must say that especially in the winter months, I never can get enough comfort items. Find the fluffiest, softest blanket you can and pair it with some fuzzy socks for an instant, useful, effortless hit. You could even throw in a movie or book that you think your local literature lover might like. That personal touch means everything to the person you’re buying a gift for, so don’t hold back! This kind of gift is a built-in staycation – the permission they need to relax before their next adventure (imaginary or otherwise).

As if you already couldn’t tell, gifts don’t need to be complex to be worthwhile. Even simple things with a lot of thought can be epic this holiday season. So whether you’re kicking back with the homies or chilling with your fam (or something in between), keep it simple, classy, and clever – you can’t go wrong. 

Do you have a topic you would like us to cover? Let us know about your suggestion. 


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