How To Get Your Novel To Rank Better on Amazon

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Did writing your novel seem easier than marketing it? Is your novel buried way down the charts?

You’ve read all the tips and tricks about self-publishing and have done your best to engage in every community that can help you get your book out there, but still aren’t seeing the results that you want. Our research shows that most self-published books don’t live up to their fullest potential, largely because many authors struggle with promoting their own work.

Hearing this story time after time makes everyone here at Inkitt very sad. That’s why we promise to work closely with the authors that we sign with to strive to make their works bestsellers. In fact, we think that support in this area is so important that we happily provide an entire team dedicated to promoting your novel and arm them with an initial budget of $6000.

Keen on finding a new way rise up the rankings on Amazon?

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