How To Publish Your Novel

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Congrats! You’ve written a novel, that’s great! So, now what? How do you get your manuscript off of your hard drive and onto the shelf of your local Barnes and Noble?

The good news is that you have a few different options to consider. The bad news is that the traditional process could be a lot harder and take much longer than you might have hoped.

Traditional publishing requires query letters, agents, editors, and hours of emails, phone calls, and negotiations. More often than not, authors who pursue this route give up after a few months due to the frustration and disappointment resulting from getting shot down by industry pros or, even worse, not hearing back at all. Even if you are in the lucky few who manage to get a ‘yes’ from one of the big publishing houses, it can be months (or years) before you see your title in bookstores and have money in your pocket.

This is why so many writers turn to self-publishing. Unfortunately, going solo can also have downsides. Many authors struggle to get readers without a marketing team and budget backing them.

Luckily, Inkitt provides the best of both worlds! With us, you don’t need to write a query letter or find an agent. Instead, you get a whole team dedicated to marketing your novel, striving to put a hard copy in your hands ASAP, equipped with an initial marketing budget of $6000.

So what do you think?

If you’ve done all your research, and aren’t liking the conventional publishing options, then come on over to Inkitt and join us in revolutionizing the publishing industry!

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