How to Write the Best Query Letter Ever

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A query letter can make or break your career as an author, but finding the perfect way to pitch your manuscript to agents can be even harder than writing the novel itself. Some writers spend hour after hour researching, writing, and formatting letters to pitch their work to industry professionals. But is that really fair? Should the decision to publish your novel really be based solely on one person’s opinion of a single letter?

This approach belongs in the publishing world of days gone by. Nowadays, it should be the readers who make the decision about whether your masterpiece should be published.

At Inkitt you don’t need to pitch to an agent, editor, or publisher. In fact, there are no queries at all. Only readers.

If they love your novel, you get published. It’s that easy. The best query letter ever just might be no query letter at all…

Be part of the change and submit your novel today.

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