Young Adult Novel, ‘I Was a Bitch’, Takes Home Grand Novel Prize

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Drum roll please, the results are in!

After a month of submissions and voting, our amazing Inkitt community has chosen Emily Ruben’s novel ‘I Was a Bitch’ as the winner of the Grand Novel Contest. Ruben’s novel took the lead and won the heart of readers according to Inkitt’s algorithms that analyze reader engagement.

A suspenseful page-turner with twists in every chapter, I Was a Bitch is a story about a former popular girl named Lacey Jones. Lacey wakes up from a two month coma and realizes that she has lost her memory of the last two years of high school where she had climbed her way to becoming the school’s queen bee: pretty, popular, dating the hottest jock, wanted by every guy and the envy of every girl. The only problem is she can’t remember any of it.

Penned by twenty year old author Emily Ruben, the original idea for I Was a Bitch came to the author out of the blue while she was riding the bus. Ruben immediately jotted notes down in her iPhone and shared the concept online receiving an amazing response, encouraging her to out work on the plot and construct cliffhangers.

Speaking about her love of writing Emily Ruben said, “You get to escape in a world where you have all the control and where you can make your characters live things that you won’t necessarily get to live yourself. With only twenty-six letters and a piece of paper or your computer, you get to create a fictional world your readers will dive into and get attached to.”

Ruben wrote her first story with her childhood best friend and charged her family members 2€ to read it.

She continues to write stories and has previously submitted novels to several publishers, but it wasn’t until she started posting online, and joined Inkitt, that her story got the recognition it deserved.

I Was a Bitch‘ will be published by Inkitt, clear here to get a sneak peak!

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