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Bianca Alejandra Franco, author of The Alpha’s Call, never intended to be a writer. In fact, she holds a Psychology degree from the University of Texas, Brownsville. Now a stay-at-home mom of four, Bianca put pen to paper as a way to relax and was pleasantly surprised when her story became a fan favorite. I’m so pleased to feature Bianca today on Inkitt’s Author Spotlight!

Welcome, Bianca! Before we dig into your writing journey, can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Sure! I was born and raised in a border town on the southern tip of Texas, otherwise known as the Rio Grande Valley, where my lifelong weakness for tacos began. When not reading, writing, or pretending the floor is lava with my four boys, I’m binge-watching Korean dramas, watching anime with my husband, and singing pleasantly off-tune to my favorite band, BTS.

Although your plan wasn’t to become a professional author, when did the writing bug first bite?

I first started writing a little after discovering my love for reading, which was sometime during my senior year in high school. My first attempt at writing was horrifyingly terrible! I stopped writing after high school and picked it up again when I was about twenty-six. You know the saying, reading makes you a better writer? Well, I think that’s what happened. Unlike with my writing, I didn’t stop reading. I devoured any YA, romance, or fantasy books I could get my hands on. I feel like by the time I picked up a pen to write again, I was more in tune with what made a book work.

Tell us more about your publishing journey. How did you find Inkitt, and what made you try out the platform?

Honestly, I never thought I’d be published anywhere. I’d started writing again for fun, for a way to relax, as a way to shed my stay-at-home mom persona. I posted on Wattpad first and about a year later I found Inkitt through a recommendation from a friend. On Wattpad, I mostly wrote YA or Fantasy Romance. When I moved to Inkitt, I tried my hand at Paranormal Romance with The Alpha’s Call. I liked the setup of Inkitt’s app and site. It was user-friendly and completely oriented around the reading. The number of readers my story received floored me. When GALATEA contacted me about publishing TAC, I was taken by surprise and hesitant about doing it since I’d never had any thought to publish, but I remember thinking, why not? 

Congratulations! It must be an incredible feeling to know your work has reached so many readers and has garnered such publishing success. How has this unexpected success impacted your life? 

It’s been great. My husband and I have been able to save for a vacation we plan to take post-COVID, to Japan and South Korea. It has also allowed me to reach a bigger audience to tell any other stories I choose to write. 

I think readers enjoy a peek into their favorite writer’s habit life. What’s your writing routine like? Do you have a favorite place to work? Do you write every day?

At the moment, I don’t have a routine. I kind of just write when I can. I have four small kiddos at home right now and a husband who works away from home, so, unfortunately, my writing has been on the back burner lately. But I do like to roughly write chapters out in a notebook before typing it out, where I later add any extra details. 

I don’t have a favorite place to write, but I do need quiet. A place that is the complete opposite of my daily life with my kiddos! 

What authors or books have influenced you, and what might we find on your to-be-read list? 

At the moment, I don’t have much of a TBR list. Although, I am making my way through Leia Stone’s published books on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. 

Sarah J. Maas, Kasie West, and Jo Watson are my go-to authors. SJM’s high fantasy makes me want to try for something of that magnitude one day. Kasie West books have a youthful innocence that I’d like to be able to capture and Jo Watson’s rom-com titles have a fun, witty dialogue that I aspire to hopefully be able to pull off. 

What are you working on now, or planning for your next project?

Currently, I’m working on my second paranormal Romance, Infinity. It’s about shifters, reincarnation, and pushing past the limits that we put on ourselves. I’m also working on another book, Moon Blessed. It’s based in the same world as The Alpha’s Call. Instead of focusing on the werewolves, it revolves around the moon goddess who chooses their mates for them. 

Best of luck with your writing career. We look forward to reading more!

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