Inkitt Author Spotlight – Featuring Leila Vy

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On the first Monday of every month, we’ll be interviewing an Inkitt author whose work has caught our attention. Today, we are pleased to feature Leila Vy, author of multiple books on the Inkitt platform.

Thanks for chatting today, Leila! First, can you tell us a little about the genres you enjoy writing in?

When I first began writing, I wrote contemporary romance mainly but then I began exploring the werewolf/fantasy genre and fell in love with that genre.

As the author of multiple books, how did the experience of writing change over time for you? Were you more confident with each new novel, or did you face some of the same challenges?

When I first started writing, it was basic. There wasn’t much editing, character progression, or plot control but as I continued writing, I grew more confident in writing. I took opportunities to learn how to make a story better. I’ve gone through YouTube writing videos, online articles, and took advice from fellow writers. I think as a writer you can grow and overcome obstacles if you allow yourself to take in that new information and transform a story that both you and your readers can relate to. I’ve also been blessed to be around an amazing group of readers who are supportive in so many ways.

Would you give us a brief summary of your latest novel?

My latest novel is called, The Wallflower Mate. It is a novel based of a female werewolf who struggles with oppressing societal norms and seeking her true potential. Along the way, she discovers love and heals others with her kindness.

Do you have a favorite supporting character in this one? Why?

Favorite supporting character is definitely the male lead’s brother, Abraham. He is a total hunk but has his heart shielded from any kind of love.

How did you find Inkitt, and what has your overall experience been like using the platform?

I was referred by a fellow writer of mine. To be honest, I love Inkitt. Inkitt takes care of their authors and readers. They allow us opportunity to grow and do what we love but at the same time earn compensation for what we do.

What are your writing habits like? Do you have a set schedule? A place you like to work? A minimum word count goal for the day or week?

I like to write on a weekly basis, multiple updates and sometimes I work on multiple books at once. However, with COVID its been harder to do what I have done in the beginning. I am still updating but is more on a biweekly to monthly basis.

When I do get to writing, I like to work in a quiet area with less distractions. It allows me to concentrate on writing and consolidating my thoughts. If I do an update, I’ll like to hit at least 2000 words per chapter, sometimes I find myself going a little more than that.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on The Wallflower Mate.

Thanks so much, Leila. We wish you continued success with your writing!

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