Inkitt Author Spotlight – Kimi Lynn Davis

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For Inkitt author Kimi Lynn Davis, writing is a passion. When her head isn’t buried in a book, she’s busy jotting down ideas in her notebook for the next story. Her list of published works is impressive, with more content in process. Born in Pakistan, she currently lives in the United Arab Emirates, and hopes to move to Canada in the near future. I’m so pleased to feature Kimi Lynn Davis on today’s Inkitt Author Spotlight.

Inkitt authors are from all over the world. You’ve recently moved from Pakistan to the UAE. Can you talk a little about that decision?

I moved to the UAE to get a better understanding of the world and because of my curiosity to travel the world. After getting my Baccalaureate I had saved enough money, thanks to Inkitt, to take that step into achieving my dreams of studying abroad. Obviously, leaving behind everything that was familiar to me was scary, but I don’t regret stepping out and taking the first step into exploring this vast world. 

That’s really brave and wonderful! Living in different parts of the world can certainly inspire us as storytellers. When did you start writing?

I started writing at the end of 2015. It was a dark period in my life, and even though I had tried writing stories a few times prior, I always took them down. At that time, I decided to post them. I didn’t care what people thought of my work.

You’ve had some pretty significant success with those stories. Can you talk a little more about your publishing journey?

I posted my first story on Wattpad. After getting a positive response from the readers, I began posting more stories and eventually decided to enter the Watty Awards, an annual competition on Wattpad. My story, Fearing the Mafia, won the Wattys in 2016. Since then, my stories have gained more popularity, and I started writing on Radish Fiction as well.

How did you discover Inkitt?

I got an email from Inkitt asking me if I would be interested in writing stories for them, and I immediately jumped at the chance. Since then, I’ve been trying my best to write as much as possible and hopefully one day traditionally publish a novel or two.

Were you surprised by your success?

I never thought I would have this much success on Inkitt! To me, getting the opportunity was everything. Positing my stories on Inkitt was all I wanted, but having my stories read and appreciated by thousands of people was not something I expected. Not only that, but I never thought I would earn enough to become financially independent. I did my Baccalaureate in Psychology and I intend to pursue a Masters and PhD in Neuropsychology. Inkitt has truly given me financial security. I am able to pay for my education and get closer to achieving my dreams.

That’s fantastic! Inkitt is a pretty unique company.

I love Inkitt! There are no other words with which I can describe how much I appreciate this platform and the opportunity it has given me. My favorite thing about Inkitt is how professional it is. The staff is approachable and really easy to talk to. I have no complaints, but I know that if I ever have any concerns, Inkitt is going to listen and do its best to help me out.

Not only are your stories popular with fans, but you have a lot of them out there. Can you give us a rundown on your latest Inkitt work?

I currently have four ongoing stories on Inkitt. The titles are Imprisoned by the King, Resisting the Mafia, Ensnared by the King, and Sins of my Blood. I have a bunch more published as well.

Wow, that’s impressive! You must have a pretty strong writing routine to create this much content.

I used to have a strict writing routine about two years ago. I would update three chapters of three different stories every week. One chapter per story a week, no excuses! But that routine collapsed due to the workload during my final year of college, and now I try my best to write as much as I can. I am trying to get back to a schedule but I’m not able to yet. I never knew writing would be so fulfilling for me. Now that I have started, I don’t think I can ever stop. When I’m not writing, I’m not happy!

In addition to writing, I know you’re an avid reader. What’s on your current to-be-read list, and which writers have influenced your storytelling?

My to-be-read shelf is huge, and it keeps growing! Though I am an avid reader of anything and everything, my teenage years were spent devouring romance novels. Maybe that’s why I’ve written so many romance novels myself. Some of the authors that have influenced my writing include: Pepper Winters, K. Webster, J. Kenner, Meg Cabot, Anthony Horowitz, Rick Riordan, Darynda Jones, J. M. Darhower, and Nenia Campbell amongst others.

Can you share a few non-writing things so your fans can get to know you a little better?

Sure! I read tarot cards, and own a huge collection of tarot and oracle decks. I can speak multiple languages, and I am pretty good at picking up different accents. I am obsessed with glitter. If I could bathe in it I would!  

That’s really funny! Glitter rocks. Thanks so much, Kimi. It was a pleasure to get to know you better.

Here’s a preview of Kimi’s books on GALATEA, Inkitt’s immersive app:

Destroying The CEO

Cece Fells is one of the most talented young bakers in London. That is, until her billionaire landlord, Brenton Maslow, bulldozes her bakery to put up a bloody carpark! Now the disgruntled cupcake-maker is on a mission to destroy the insufferably attractive CEO of Maslow Enterprises – if she doesn’t fall in love with him first.

I watched him as he walked towards me, his stride purposeful. But what he did not know, was that I would never cower. He would have to beg before I surrendered myself to him.

Marrying The CEO

A waitress struggling to take care of her sick brother is made an offer she can’t refuse. If she marries a rich and domineering CEO and gives him an heir within a year, he will pay her one million dollars and help her brother get the surgery he needs. Will life in the castle be pure torture, or can she find happiness? Maybe even love?

Without thinking twice, I removed the cap of the pen and signed. I signed my life away. I signed myself away.

Check out Kimi Lynn’s Inkitt Profile, and follow her for updates and new material.

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