Inkitt Icons Interview #10: Amythest Winter

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The festive season is well underway, and for the tenth week of our Inkitt Icons Interview Series we spoke to the appropriately named Amythest_Winter. Author of entrancing fantasy romances, Amythest_Winter chatted to us about envisioning other worlds, the allure of creating complex villains, and combining literature with science.

Hi Amythest_Winter! Tell us, what inspired you to write your current book ?

What inspired me to write my current book was the fact that I wanted a challenge. I had never written a fantasy novel before, much less one where I developed my own world, but that was inspiration for me to expand my imagination and elaborate my visions for a new dimension.

Awesome, you really push your imagination to the limits and it shows in your enchanting novels! What is your writing method?

For me, when I start writing, I honestly have no idea where my story will lead me. I always enjoy sitting down and experiencing the suspense of where my story will take me next. Only for one story did I have a vague idea of the ending – an ending which broke so many reader’s hearts.

That’s impressive – no one should ever underestimate the emotional potency of writing. Do you prefer creating heroes or villains?

I actually enjoy creating villains more. With heroes, they are always expected to do the right thing, but it can get boring. With a villain, you can give them a darker backstory, a more interesting appearance, and an unusual motive. I love books where heroes slowly become the villain, and I am currently working on a book like that too.

Heroes becoming villains is an exciting approach – it’s often the other way around. As a successful Inkitt Icon, what are your top tips for authors who are just starting out?

Don’t be afraid to create something unique. A lot of the books I have read always follow a certain plot of a hopeless female protagonist who gets swept up into the world of a male before falling head over heels for him. But I hate that sort of thing. Dare to be unique and write what you want, not what the readers want. If you write what you enjoy and love, then there is nothing stopping you from writing a story you are proud to call your own, and soon, other people will recognize the power of the words that you possess.

Beautifully put! Are you able to summarise those top tips in a writing motto?

‘If what you are writing does not excite you and leave you wondering what will happen next, then why are you writing?’

Another powerful phrase to abide by! What has been the most important aspect of Inkitt for you?

The most important aspect of Inkitt for me is the community; it feels intimate and closely-connected, and it’s easy to reach out to others and share ideas.

That’s good to hear, we really strive to create a close-knit community where everyone’s voice is heard. And we will maintain that sense of community even as we grow. Where do you see yourself as a writer in 10 years time?

For me, I know writing will not be something I do for my career since I am currently studying what I love at University. But I plan on writing for fun and challenging myself with new books.

Cool, it’s great to hear that you will continue to write for pleasure. And to finish off, which genres would you like to play around with in future?

A genre I have always wanted to try out is Science Fiction, not only because it is my favorite to read, but it has always been the most challenging for me to write. Sci-Fi allows for so much imaginative freedom, and as I study engineering at University, I want to try my hand at writing on a genre that I engage with in real life.  

Wow, a writer and an engineer! Sci-Fi sounds like the perfect way to harmonise your academic and creative passions, and you can bring so much research to your novel writing as well. Best of luck and thank you for talking to us!

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