Inkitt Icons Interview #16: Gabrielle

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As February arrives and we enter the homestretch of our Inkitt Icons Interview Series, we had a quick chat with Canadian writer Gabrielle, author of stunning romances and enthralling thrillers.

Hi Gabrielle, we hope you’ve enjoyed the first month of 2019! We’d love to know where you like to write?

I love to write on my balcony, bundled up in my coat with a hot cup of coffee next to me.

Sounds idyllic! As a writer, are you a night owl or an early bird?

A little bit of both, actually!

It’s always good to mix it up. What’s your creative process like?

My writing is 99% improv! I just sit at my keyboard and let my ideas flow through my words.

Well, improv is clearly working well for you. Who is your favourite character from your current book and why?

I’m quite fond of Edie from The Beauty of Grey! She’s resilient and strong, but she has her moments of weakness which make her seem human and real.

Indeed, it’s the flaws which really make a character come to life. Do you prefer creating heroes or villains?

I always aim to write heroes but inevitably end up creating villains. But I’m not opposed, I love a good villain!

So do we! What is your writing motto?

A good author is never created without controversy.

Wow, truthful and succinct. Are you able to describe Inkitt in 3 words?

A good beginning!

Fantastic! And to finish off, which genres would you like to try out in future?

I’d love to have a stab at a Mafia related book! The Godfather has served as a major inspiration for writing about a crime family.

We’re excited to see how it turns out. Thank you for talking to us!

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