Inkitt Icons Interview #5: C. Swallow

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This week, we interviewed Melbourne-based writer C. Swallow. She’s a creator of tantalising romances, beguiling fantasies and irresistible erotica. She spoke to us about her spontaneous writing techniques and her hope for equality in publishing.  

Hey C. Swallow, thank you for talking to us! You may be a swallow by name, but during your writing process are you a night owl or an early bird?

I’m an early bird in general, but I write at any time of the day. It’s totally random.

Do you plan your stories in advance or do you prefer to write spontaneously?

I let the words flow and usually discover plot twists in the moment. Basically, my planning is minimal and even if I did plan something it could change at any moment.

Always the element of surprise, we like to hear it! What is it that attracts you to the genre of fantasy romance?

The dialogue of romance is my favourite part. I love to create tension through powerful words rather than actions.

That’s an interesting idea; sometimes a dramatic conversation can be the most effective way to get the heart racing. What is more important to you, characterisation or plot?

Characterisation first and plot second. This is because the plot revolves around the emotion and personalities of the characters I create.

That sounds wise – a harmonious combination of the two. Is there a writing motto that you abide by in your creative process?

Write because you enjoy it. It’s the only way to maximise your imagination – block out anything unrelated to your passion for creating.

Nice! Passion and creative immersion are two very valuable things. Please tell us, what has been the most important aspect of Inkitt for you?

The ease with which I can upload manuscripts and enter them in Inkitt’s online novel competitions. It gives me a sense of hope that more authors like me can be discovered without having to refine their words to a traditional publisher’s restrictive standards.

That’s great to hear – increasing opportunities and autonomy in publishing is exactly what we set out to do. Looking forward, what genres would you like to try out in future?

Maybe mystery and crime mixed into a romance. I think it could be extremely fun to learn how to concoct a plot around a mystery.

We look forward to this exciting concoction! And to close, where do you see yourself as a writer in 10 years time?

Writing for publishers but also writing for free, so that people who can’t afford books can find some of mine and enjoy them regardless.

That’s a really kind thought; making literature more accessible is at the heart of everything we do. Thank you for sharing your wise words and positive ideas!

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