Marketing Your Book in 2019

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You have a book! Congratulations! Now, how do you sell it? You’ve probably already tried a few things, but here are a few tips to help you accomplish more and sell more in the new year.

Social Media: Less is More

Social media has earned a reputation as the Twenty-First Century’s loudest marketplace. Everyone is posting, sharing, and generally shouting for attention. Authors became enamored with it because it’s free and provides a direct connection to readers. Unfortunately, social media often turns into quicksand. People spend far too much time on social media in general, and it’s easy for authors to also sink far too much time and energy into social media.

Use a strategy, and remember that less can be more. Always provide something, but make sure it’s the right something and not just spammy reminders that you’re trying to sell a book. Narrow down your dedicated social media time. The easiest way to do this is to limit the platforms you use. Authors have been moving away from Facebook over the past couple years. The two biggest platforms authors still benefit from are Twitter – which has a strong literary community – and Instagram – which challenges authors to branch out into photography and video.

Try Something New

Litsy is a new social media platform designed specifically for book lovers. If you’re looking for readers, this is the place to find them. You won’t have to hunt for them. They are the only ones using the platform. Litsy is also a great place to connect with other authors, which is a great way to network in preparation for blog tours, guest posts, etc.

Try new types of media, too. Yes, you’re a writer, so you want to write. Social media users enjoy visual interaction, however. That’s why Instagram is prospering. To compete on such a platform, you need to provide image-based content, not just bold font quotes on a pretty background. If possible, push yourself to go beyond photographs and try your hand at little video clips. Showcase your workspace, your pets, and your own face as you engage with viewers.

Interact with Your Readers

The best and most memorable social media posts, blog campaigns, and other marketing techniques do more than just tell hapless viewers that you have a book to sell. Marketing can and should directly engage readers, especially in the era of vigorous social media use. Do more than just ask passive questions inviting comments. Host contests, offer giveaways, have book events, etc.

Write More

It may sound counterintuitive, but the fact is: it’s easier to sell books when you have more of them. Fans who enjoy one book in a series will happily read more. If a reader likes your writing style, they may enjoy a collection of writing tips in a small eBook. Offering various books for various audiences can help broaden your readership and fanbase as you spread into various markets. Simply having more work available helps sell your brand, so take a break from Facebook and get back to the word processor!

The ultimate tool is consistency. Put yourself out there, and keep yourself out there. Interact with readers on the most useful platforms, use photo and video, and keep writing!


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