April Showers Bring Bingeable New Releases!

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Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming and 18 new Inkitt stories have now found a home on Galatea!

If you’re in need of some new reads to whisk you away to exciting new worlds filled with Vikings, Alphas, unexpected unions and unforgettable vacations, we have some exciting news. This month, we released 18 new books on Galatea that are sure to make your hearts race as you scroll from one chapter to the next.

Allow us to give you a taste of what these new releases have in store for you. “Married at First Sight” by Heather M Teston is a gripping tale of two strangers who are brought together in the most unconventional way. While they absolutely can’t stand the presence of one another, they are undeniably attracted to each other. 

Married at First Sight by Heather M Teston

Married at First Sight by Heather M Teston

If you’re craving a juicy romance story, Suzanna A. Levis’ “Catching Harley” tells the story of Harley, who swore off relationships. But is that’s about to change when she meets Erik, a gigantic, brooding Viking of a man who looks like he got ripped out of a page from Men’s Health magazine. But that’s not all from this author, you can also read a second title, “The Eresthai Series Book 1: Victoria, The Supreme Alpha” now exclusively on Galatea. 

The Eresthai Series by Suzanna A. Levis

Belle Dowson, you might know her from her hit “Marcello Mafia Series,” will now have a second book, “A Dangerous Union” published on Galatea! It’s a thrilling story of forbidden passion and intrigue. 

Book cover for Belle Dowson's "A Dangerous Union"

More new stories include “His Golden Rose” by Ameira, “The Girl Next Door” by S Mertesdorf, “The Discovering Us Series” by KL Jenkins, “Reynolds’ Family Romance” by Niccolite Slater, “Ever Series” by E. Adamson, “How it All Began” by Eve Peters, “The Midnight Favor” by B. Anonymous, “Capture My Heart” by Mariah Hanson, “The Cursed Mate” by Kelsie Tate, “Blackmail” by Heather Teston, “Bound to Vasiliev” by Kiara Colón, and “The Prince’s Stolen Love” by Leslee Kahler.

We cannot help but feel a sense of pride for these authors, some of whom are newly published. Congratulations to each and every one of them for their hard work and dedication in bringing their stories to life. We, as readers, are forever grateful for their creative minds and the worlds they’ve shared with us. If you follow them on Inkitt or on social media, be sure to send them a virtual high-five. Happy reading!


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