8 new Drama eBooks to add to your reading list

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8 new Drama eBooks to add to your reading list - Inkitt

We just cannot get enough drama! Here at Inkitt we do have a flair for the dramatic and with absolutely tonnes of sensational drama eBooks being posted weekly, we thought it’d just be rude if we didn’t let you all know about some of our absolute favorites!

So, getting to the point, here is our selection of drama that’s guaranteed to have you aching for more. Enjoy!

1. Only the Song Remains – Drama novel by Irina M. Gudkowna

A deeply personal tale of hope and childhood innocence triumphing over the harsh reality of poverty, misery and hardship.  This true story describes village life in post-war Germany.

2. Cherry Smack – Drama/Romance novel by georgewong2

Life is short, Jimmy’s may prove even shorter.

3. Abused by many Loved by Few – Drama novel by maelanders

Aniyah Jones is your typical teenage girl who had a life that most girls dreamed of. When tragedy strikes her and her family Aniyah is forced to live a life of abuse, humiliation and in constant fear.

4. Valkyrie Book 1: Darkness Awaits – Drama novel by Mark McQuillen

Be careful of what you say and do in life you never know who’s watching.

5. Apocalypse on Broadway – Drama/Thriller novel by Ron2BSure

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and get your tickets to tonight’s show, which features a murder mystery, a love story and a scathing satire of the Great White Way. Hurry!

6. Dark Places – Drama novel by Wendy Walker

The sombre tale of a man and his wife desperately clambering over the others’ lies trying to stay in the light that was there once strong love. Gripping West Country drama.

7. The Wife Cycle – Drama novel by Christophor Rick

Spiralling downwards into the inevitably of death at the hands of one of his lovers’ enraged husbands, can Alexander Hendricks rescue himself from total destitution before it’s too late?

8. Tarnished – Drama novel by rebekahnored

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Have you ever been called a freak or damaged? Take a walk with Emma and learn to love who you are on the inside.

Happy reading and let us know your thoughts!

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