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Maybe you’ve spent years writing and editing your novel to perfection, maybe you wrote all three hundred, unedited pages in under a week. Either way, you probably want someone else to read over your work.

But why have just one person when you can have many? The more the merrier, right?

‘But this it the modern age,’ you cry. ‘Isn’t this exactly why autocorrect was created?’

Sure, computers have come a long way. They can catch typos, overused adverbs, and incorrect tenses. But what about plot holes, character development, or showing vs. telling?

The more live humans you have, the more confident you can be that readers enjoy your work. They are the ones who can provide the best feedback for your story. Trust us, they will be brutally honest about what they do and don’t like in your work, which is exactly what you need to polish your piece to perfection.

Convinced? Then head over to Inkitt. We’ve got thousands of readers ready to critique your work. Be part of the change and submit your novel today.

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