Overcoming the Post-Holiday Blues

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There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “Extreme joy turns to sorrow.” Maybe they had the post-holiday blues too. It’s pretty common to be riding high from a fun, exciting, out-of-the-ordinary event like Christmas or a vacation. However, once it’s over, it can be…well, a bummer. It’s normal to feel sort of disorganized and lost after a major event. If this sounds familiar, read on to discover how to overcome the post-holiday blues.

Signs You’ve Got the Post-Holiday Blues

You can instead think of it as a post-holiday or vacation hangover. Maybe you’re not eating…or still eating too much. Perhaps you’re just feeling bored or “meh” or like everything isn’t that exciting. For me, especially when it comes to writing, I feel lost. I’m not sure what to write. I don’t feel like I can get my head straight. It feels like there’s no time to get anything done. This can lead me to feel stressed out and anxious about my writing. If this sounds familiar, take heart. You’re not alone!

How to Overcome It

Step one: get a routine. It sounds so simple, but our mental and physical health (and writing life) depends on stability. This means getting to bed on time, exercising again, and getting your diet back on track. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a difference. Check out this article for more tips: Establish a Good Writing Habit.

Step two: make a plan. Writing doesn’t fit neatly into our schedules with all of the other activities we have going on. Therefore, you’re going to have to mindfully add it back in. If it feels hard, start small. Can you add in thirty minutes, five times a week? I’m a big believer in starting small, building back up, and then being into it.

Step three: stick with it. Like I said, feeling discombobulated is normal following a major trip or holiday. You had no particular schedule, so getting on one probably feels uncomfortable. It’s okay. Just accept that’s how it will be and keep at it—even when it’s not easy.

Start Small

I’m a big fan of the power of starting small. If you’re stuck in the post holiday blues and can’t seem to get started writing, you need to get back in the habit. To do so, force yourself to do something a few days a week. Even ten minutes in the chair will make a difference.

If you’re still struggling, take heart. Pretty soon the decorations will be put away, the house will be tidied up, and we’ll cruise back into “regular season” life. By the time February rolls around, you’ll be back in the groove and ready for another holiday!

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