Promote your work by embedding your Inkitt profile on your blog!

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By embedding your Inkitt profile on your blog or website, you will automatically be promoting your writing and attracting readers to your work on Inkitt.

The widget acts as a direct link as well as an advertisement. Not only will readers be able to read your work by clicking on the link, they will also know that you are a published author on Inkitt, which of course will inspire them to read not just your website or blog, but also your story on Inkitt.

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How to embed the widget on your blog?
The way you can add your profile widget to your blog depends on what blogging platform you use. But the first step remains the same for all of them: go and grab the widget code from your profile page by clicking on the icon at the top right corner:

Next step is to plop copied code into your blog’s markup. If you know HTML this might not be an issue for you. But do not give up if you are not a techy person, a majority of blogging platforms provide a smooth way to do this with no big effort. If you are a Tumblr person you have a fancy theme editor in your toolset. Use Text Widget if you are on WordPress. With a little bit more effort you can do it for your Blogger blog. If you are a Squarespace user you can use Code Blocks.

Enjoy growing your readership!

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  1. My first question: Why are these blog posts not dated? I can’t tell how late this comment is to the party, how long this feature has been out, and thus how long the following problem with this has existed:

    My second question: Is the intention for a new window or tab to open when a user clicks the ‘Read Now’ button of the widget? Because it doesn’t. (I used the Text Widget function in my WordPress blog.) It just loads my profile page within the widget area itself. Which isn’t nearly big enough to display it all, of course. Much less navigate. Which makes it, for all intents and purposes, useless. Is this an issue that’s been raised to Inkitt staff before?

    • Caitlin Jones on

      Hi, Eve! Thank you for bringing the issue of the embedding feature to our attention. I have brought the problem to the rest of the team and it should be fixed now. If you have any more issues, just let us know. ^^ I will also put the dating of the blogs into consideration, since this will likely help us in the future.