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Quotes inspire, educate and make us think – so why not use quotes from your story to promote your writing on social media. You can now select your most memorable and captivating quotes and give your readers a glimpse of what your story is about. Your eye-catchy cover does a lot of the work to appeal to your readership, but quotes reveal much more about your characters, your style of writing, your tone of voice and your approach to storytelling.

We have now made it possible for you to share quotes from your story really easily on Twitter and Facebook. All you have to do is highlight a quote from your story (150 characters max), and a window will appear which allows you to choose where you want to share your quote. It’s that easy. So many writers are already utilizing this tool and are sharing their stories across so many avenues. They are not only getting likes, they are also increasing their readership on Inkitt, expanding their reading community and earning reviews.

Do you have a topic you would like us to cover? Let us know about your suggestion. 


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