Spring Forward into Better Writing Habits

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Ah, springtime. In addition to being born on the first day of spring twenty-something years ago, I’ve always loved this particular weather shift. There’s something undeniably pleasant about plants coming back to life and warm breezes replacing icy air that hurts to breathe. Of course, there’s always the allergies and pollen to think of – but I’d still argue those are far superseded by the benefits. Brighter and better days ahead are always a massive boost to my mood. By the time spring rolls around, I almost always forget how used to darkness and cold I’d gotten. So the renewed sunshine is always a lovely reminder of how pleasant life can be when you bask in the warmth. 

This week, I’ve been tasked with sharing what it is about springtime that boosts my writing habits. I’d like to offer you a whole host of motivational quotes and cute bunnies, but I gotta be honest with you instead. My writing habits are actually pretty messy, regardless of the time of year. Of course, my work always gets done, but there is definitely potential to optimize. So instead, I’ll give you an insider look as to what I currently do, and what I hope to do differently in this season of rebirth. 

I roll out of bed and write whenever I feel like it.

Yes, seriously – I told you there was room to improve. I’m not lazy – not by any means. In fact, I’d argue “workaholic” is a more accurate adjective. I blame my busy brain and the way it’s extremely hard – if not impossible – to shut it down after a long day. Because of this, I burn myself out easily – which then saps my creative juice reservoir. You don’t want to force your writing, but you have to sometimes or else it’d just never get done – am I right? Maybe in this brighter spring season, I’ll be able to optimize my most creative hours more effectively – and then use the off-hours to recharge guilt-free. 

I stay inside all day writing.

My mom is always telling me to get outside. And I want to, I really do. But somehow I find myself making up some lame excuse about glares on my laptop or the humidity. Springtime is a great time to get fresh air while writing because it’s not disgustingly sticky and hot outside yet. My family has a really nice outdoor patio, so my springtime resolution is to get out there more. There’s no reason not to! And sunlight has been proven to boost your mood. I really have no good reason not to, and neither do you. 

I’m up writing really late at night.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I am a notorious night owl, and I know my creativity flows better then. But it does cause me to then catch up by sleeping well into the morning. This is much more subjective, and you should absolutely do what works for you. But I really think getting up, enjoying the morning spring sunlight, and then diving into your work is a much more pleasant way of going about it. If you have a busy brain like I do, it’s also important to strictly limit the people you allow into your headspace. If someone’s become a drain for you, then it’s probably time to let them go. Your mental health will thank you, and your writing will too. For more general advice on writing, read this article HERE.

I overload my to-do list.

My workaholic tendencies come back to bite me yet again – especially with warmer weather. And I cannot stress this enough: You cannot be your best self (in writing or otherwise) if you’re tired. Get the sleep you need, and binge-watch that sitcom you’ve been eyeing. There’s no reason to feel guilty about taking care of yourself – actually, it’s required! My springtime resolution is to listen to my body more. It’s as simple as resting when you’re tired, eating when you’re hungry, and treating yourself to things that make you happy.

I don’t exercise enough.

Okay granted, this was largely because my gym was closed due to the pandemic since last year. But with warmer weather on the horizon, that’s no longer a valid excuse (if it ever really was). I’m going to try to take more walks around my quiet neighborhood, as well as keep hustling on my core strengthening routine. Okay, that second one is really just because I want abs by crop top season. But it’s super healthy to set tangible fitness goals that you can see! So I’m trying to hold myself to a higher standard. It’s body, mind, and spirit for a reason. Take care of yourself, because you’re the only you you’re ever gonna get!

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